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How to grow a YouTube channel in 2021 – How I gained 25k views in the first 3 months of YouTube

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The world of video is forever growing, as Tiktok grows and Instagram moves to a video-based platform. Although TikTok is growing, YouTube remains the largest video platform in 2021. With TikTok having over 1 billion users, YouTube currently has double that at 2.3 billion users in 2021.

Current YouTube creators advise that YouTube is difficult to start in 2021, we are here to tell you that it’s doable and we have the data to prove it.

In May 2021, I decided to start a YouTube channel and take it seriously as YouTube can become a valuable source of income. Within 3 months, I have gained over 25 thousand views and 500 subscribers, halfway to monetization, so what is the secret?

We have listed the top 5 things that you need to grow a YouTube channel in 2021.

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How to build a YouTube channel in 2021, how I got 25k views in my first 3 months of YouTube. Are you looking to build a YouTube channel and create content that will gain thousands of views? Check out these 5 tips for growing your account on YouTube. The Bloggers Incentive.

Tip 1. Just start making videos

There is only so much you can plan for YouTube. Tip number one is to just start making content. The sooner you start getting content out there the better. YouTube takes time to rank your videos, therefore, the quicker you get your content on the platform the better. This is the best and easiest tip for how to grow a YouTube channel.

When I started making videos I was shy, awkward and scared to share them on social media, but the best advice I can give you is to not care. Easier said than done but adjust your mindset to focus on the positives and not the negatives.

Once you start making content, you’ll relax in front of the camera and it will flow more naturally. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.

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Tip 2. Equipment

Equipment is a must when starting out in YouTube and I am on both sides of the coin, I believe that starting out with what you have is the best option but also good equipment makes a difference.

Start out using any sort of equipment that you have. That could be an IPhone camera or an old camera. Although the quality may not be the best, your videos will improve in time. Before investing in a camera, try using what you have first to get a feel for it.

When I started out I was using my partner’s Go Pro Hero 7, a camera that is made for underwater filming and activities. I also used my Google Pixel phone for sit down filming as the Go Pro had a fisheye lens, which I wasn’t sure how to turn off. This equipment was all I had and I made it work for starting out my channel.

After one month of doing YouTube full time, I decided to invest in the Sony ZV-1 which was rated one of the best vlogging cameras. It was between the Sony ZV-1 and the Canon G7X Mark II, which again is known as a vlogging camera. What sold me on the Sony ZV-1 was the hidden screen as I didn’t want an exposed screen when I wasn’t using the camera.

Since changing across from the Go Pro to the vlogging camera, my traffic has constantly gone up. My first video that went live using my new camera was on the 4th of July.

I started using my newest camera on the 4th of July, since that point my views on YouTube have shot up.

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Tip 3. Work on your thumbnails

Thumbnails matter. It’s the first thing people are going to see before clicking on your video and it may be what convinces the watcher to click on your video. A clickbait thumbnail may work but try and keep your thumbnail real and on-brand.

Things you need to consider when creating a thumbnail:

  • A clear picture
  • Easy to read font
  • Colour schemes
  • Any extra animation (arrows, speech bubbles)

I create all my thumbnails using the Canva Pro account. With Canva Pro, I am able to save down my colour schemes and also save my fonts so I can use them throughout.

Ensure that your thumbnails are eye-catching and grab the watchers attention.

An example of one of my first thumbnails that didn’t perform well to one of my most recent video thumbnails.

My first thumbnail on my YouTube channel. I didn't work on graphics or
My most recent thumbnail for YouTube and how I use Canva pro to build my thumbnails and build my channel.

Tip 4. Reply to all comments

A great tip for building engagement is to reply to all your comments. Even if the comment is someone you know or just emojis, take the time to reply to your comments.

If a person comments on your blog, this is one comment. If you then reply to the comment, YouTube then counts this as 2 comments. You’ve doubled your comment count by just replying to comments.

Another tip is to not engage with hate comments. If you do receive hate on your video the steps to follow are:

  • Report the comment for harassment or bullying
  • Do not engage with the comment
  • Remove the comment from your profile

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Tip 5. Post consistently

As a beginner YouTuber, the best advice I can give you is to be consistent. If you’re posting two videos a month at random times, YouTube is not going to rank you.

I started off posting 1 video per week and was averaging around 100 views per day, once I moved to posting 3 videos per week my average daily views moved to 400 views per day! That’s 4x the amount I was getting previously.


Average of around 100 views per day on YouTube in May.

The last 28 days:

My daily average is around 400 views per day on YouTube.

My reach also increased by incredible amounts. My reach for posting 1 video per week was around 1000 per day, I now average between 4000 to 5000 per day. The reason for the large jump is because YouTube now promotes my content because I am posting consistently and regularly throughout the week.


Extra tip!

Know your posting times. If you have been posting on YouTube for a few weeks, you will have enough data to understand when your peak times are to post. Factors to take into consideration:

  • Where is your audience based?
  • What time zone are they in?
  • What time in the day are they most active?

There will be days where your traffic will take a dip but these dips are normal. Don’t let these blips dishearten you.

How to grow a YouTube channel in 2021 as a beginner

If you’re looking to grow a YouTube channel in 2021, the best advice I can give you is to just start. What are you waiting for? The best time to start is now.

YouTube can take time to take off, but as long as you are:

  • Creating worthy content
  • Designing click-worthy thumbnails
  • Posting consistently
  • Answering comments and engaging with your watchers

Your channel will grow. Although views are important, if you are looking to get monetized on YouTube, you will need to focus on your watch hours. Meaning you could have 1 million views but if people are clicking off your video straight away, it’s going to be difficult to build your watch time.

The requirements to be monetized on YouTube is:

  • 1000 subscribers
  • 4000 watch hours

What tips would you give to a beginner YouTuber?

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How to grow a YouTube channel in 2021 when you're a beginner. Are you looking to grow your YouTube channel and not sure where to go? check out these quick tips for how you can grow on YouTube in 2021. The Bloggers Incentive.

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  1. Vourneen

    These are great tips! And congrats on the growth you’ve had with Youtube! I definitely have the shyness issue when it comes to starting my own channel, but then again I never thought I would be able to start a blog, let alone two!

    1. Hi Voureen! Thanks for checking out my post! YES I love to hear it, you really do get over the shyness and it becomes like second nature! I love your blogs, can’t wait to see what you create in the future, Alicia

  2. JamieAdStories

    Very handy as I am new to Youtube. I took a break and started again because work took over but I will use this advice.

  3. Em

    Congrats on your growth on YouTube and thank you for the great tips! I’ve very recently started a channel so these tips are extremely helpful!

    Em x

  4. Lauren

    These are really helpful tips, thank you! I’ve loved watching your channel over the last 3 months and can see a massive improvement from your first video to now, so well done beaut! I’m still working on mine but definitely need to work more on being consistent and not caring what others think!

    1. Hi Lauren! Thank you so much for watching my channel! Your channel is great and you will be going viral in no time!! Just takes a little bit of time and confidence! Alicia

  5. ReadAndReviewIt

    Great tips! I currently don’t have a YouTube account but I’d definitely be open to starting one in the future, so this will be invaluable if I do! Thanks for sharing x

    1. Hello! I’m so happy to hear that you will be starting up a YouTube in the future! Can’t wait to see your future content. Alicia

  6. First of, congrats on making such progress in 3 months. I am not a youtuber. I currently don’t have a youtuber but these are fab tips that would be helpful to every newbie youtuber out there. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Congratulations on your growth! That’s amazing! It can be really scary to put yourself out there but like you said, focus on your work and less on what others will think. Wonderful tips!

    1. Hi Michelle, thanks for checking my post, glad to hear you’ve started a YouTube channel, I cannot wait to see your content! Alicia

  8. Farah Kareem

    Amazing tips, i always wanted to have my own channel on youtube but I’m too shy to post myself online because I am insecure but if i ever passed this fear i would definitely use these tips because i never heard of them.

    1. Hi Farah, thanks for checking out my blog! I honestly can’t tell you enough how much fun it is to do YouTube, don’t let your shyness stop you girl, you got this! Alicia

    1. Hey Mia, thanks for reading my post. I understand what you mean. I work with my partner and he does all the editing as I wouldn’t have the time to take it all on. Alicia

  9. Biren Panchal

    It’s an informative post, Alicia! Loved it! All of the shared tips are very well articulated and nicely explained! Also, I found it inspiring because, I’m a person who’s camera conscious but as you said, things will come naturally by the time! The most helpful tip I get is to create an attractive thumbnail to attract the audience!

    Also, many congratulations for the an excellent growth, surely we’ll deserved!

    1. Hi Biren! Thanks for checking out my post. I am so glad you enjoyed my post, yes! It really does take time to become natural with the camera so don’t stress if it feels awkward at the start! Thank you very much, it’s an exciting journey! Alicia

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