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How to reach 100k impression on twitter in 1 month

If you’re a regular reader of The Bloggers Incentive, you’ll know by now that we love using Twitter as one of our forms of content marketing. This post is about how to reach 100k impressions on Twitter in 1 month. If you’re a beginner blogger looking to build blog traffic, Twitter is a great platform to get started with.

Twitter can be used for:

  • Sharing content
  • Finding blog opportunities
  • Building blogging relationships
  • Increasing blog traffic

Although it’s important to not get caught up in the vanity metrics of social media, it’s sadly a part of being a blogger. We have to monitor our data to ensure that what we’re doing, is working.

A tip* Try to only check your data metrics once a week or as little as you possibly can. I check my Twitter analytics and blog views once per week so that it doesn’t become a numbers game.

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how to reach 100k impression on twitter in 1 month as a beginner user on Twitter. Are you looking to improve you twitter impressions but not sure how? Check out my 5 content marketing strategy to see how I built my twitter account. The Bloggers Incentive.


I started my Twitter account as a personal account and didn’t use it for blogging purposes until June 2021. Therefore, it is possible to build a successful Twitter account in 2021. I started with my impressions sitting at 11.1k for the month of May. Although this isn’t particularly low, I knew I wanted to increase my impressions and engagement.

In June, I really attempted to increase my impressions and I put a lot of work into my account but I only managed to hit 19.7k for the month of June.

My Twitter analytics before i implemented my 5 strategies for growing my Twitter account and increasing my impressions to 100k.

What was missing?

I was putting in the work but it still wasn’t getting me over the 2k mark for each day. I then implemented the following 5 strategies and hit over 100k in the last 28 days. (22nd July – 22nd August)

My Twitter analytics after i implemented my 5 strategies for growing my Twitter account and increasing my impressions to 100k.

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5 things I have done to gain 100k impressions on my account

As you can see from the above graphs, something changed in my content marketing strategy to move from 19k impressions to over 100k in just over a month. I am here to share my 5 secrets for how to reach 100k impressions on Twitter in 1 month.


Don’t be scared to follow people

Don’t be scared to follow people on your account. Every week, I use the ‘Who to follow’ section on the right-hand sidebar. I follow between 30-40 accounts that I think would be a good connection.

I tend to look for accounts with words like:

  • Blogger
  • Writer
  • Blog

I look for these words in their names because I am looking to create relationships with other bloggers, as that is my target audience. You are looking to follow accounts with your target audience and that’s the key for building your Twitter account. Although it’s great to connect with other bloggers and build blogging relationships, you want to primarily look for your target audience.

For example, if you have a blog in the niche of dieting, follow people who are looking to diet or have started already. This can also tie in with fitness. Once you have followed a number of people within the same niche, Twitter will then suggest other users in that niche.

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Post a mixture of tweets

Mix up your types of tweets, if you’re constantly posting links to your blog or your shop but not giving anyone anything else to interact with, your account will not grow, which is the first mistake that I made.

In June, 95% of my tweets were linked to my blog, but no one knew anything about me.

Examples of tweets you can post:

  • Questions (ask how your followers are, what they are doing that day)
  • Media (Pictures and videos of you and your blog)
  • Links to your blog
  • Polls
  • Check-ins about your day

Allow your followers to connect with you on a personal level, people are more willing to read content when they know the person as it’s someone they trust.

Support other bloggers

Although you are looking to follow mainly your target audience, you also want to connect with other bloggers. Supporting other bloggers is a great way for building relationships. Things you can do to support other bloggers on Twitter:

  • Retweet their work
  • Read their post
  • Leave a comment on their blog
  • Like their tweets

I take 15 minutes each day and I interact with other bloggers on my feed. If you can’t do this every day, it’s no problem. Try doing it every few days to interact with others.

I found a lot of the time, the person will return the comment or retweet.

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Be active on the platform, daily

As a blogger, Pinterest is known as the platform that requires a lot of work to become successful, I believe that Twitter also falls in that category. In order to expand your following and impressions, you need to be active on the platform.

Although daily is a lot of work, it does pay off. Almost 70% of my social traffic comes from Twitter.

A great free tool that Twitter offers is the scheduler. This allows you to schedule tweets for different dates and times. I use this scheduler every day as I am in an awkward time zone. A lot of my target audience is active on Twitter when I am sleeping but using the scheduler allows my audience to see my tweets.

Back in June, I had days where I wasn’t active on the platform and I got next to 0 impressions for that day as no one was seeing my content.

If you are going to have a day off, be prepared and schedule your tweets.

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Don’t give up

However tempting it may be to give up on Twitter after the first month or two, don’t give up. In June, I was close to giving up Twitter as a form of marketing for my blog as I was putting in effort as much as I possibly could compared to May and there wasn’t too much of a difference in my impressions.

Of course, I’m glad I didn’t give up as there was a drastic change in my analytics.

Be patient with the platform.


How to reach 100k impressions on twitter in 1 month

I believe that Twitter is a real contender when it comes to content marketing for blogging in 2021. Of course, impressions aren’t everything, engagement and follows matter as well, but as my impressions have increased, so has my engagement and followers. I was in a slump of 700 followers that I couldn’t shift in July.

Once I started to implement the above 5 strategies, I was able to reach the 1k mark. Although my account is small, my content marketing strategy has allowed me to increase my traffic views and get blogging opportunities through Twitter.

What are some content strategies that worked for you?

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how to reach 100k impression on twitter in 1 month as a beginner user on Twitter. Are you thinking about starting to use twitter in your content marketing strategy? Check out these 5 tips to help your strategy to grow on Twitter. The Bloggers Incentive.

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  1. Vourneen

    You know, I ve never checked my Twitter metrics! I cjeck my blog, Instagram and Pinterest ones but for some reason I haven’t with Twitter yet. Thanks for sharing your strategies, I’ll definitely work on improving with them!

    1. Hi Voureen! I was the same until I started blogging, twitter was never something I was interested in but the analytics are great for working on strategy! Alicia

  2. Basic With Life

    Brilliant and super helpful blog post as always.
    Notes taken and I now have a plan.
    Thanks ?

  3. Caroline

    I never knew you could see your Twitter data! I’ll definitely look into this, thank you for sharing xx

  4. Nitu Howlader

    Thanks for sharing your strategies. Really helpful as I’m looking forward to start a blog on my own.

  5. Della Driscoll

    I love Twitter, it’s a great place to connect with other bloggers and build a community!! This is such a brilliant post xx

  6. Katie

    Those are great tips! I write about lifestyle/relationships, but I tend to look for bloggers to follow because I find so much support from other bloggers.

  7. JamieAdStories

    Great advice for maximising Twitter’s potential. It has been very useful for me.

  8. Biren Panchal

    Indeed Twitter is really a great platform I’ve ever discovered till date to grow my blog! Your efforts behind the content creation and strategies are truly impressive, I would say! Especially, the last one “Don’t Give Up” because nothing happens overnight, it requires patience and continuous efforts to reach there! Rest other strategies are simply superb and pretty much practical! Again a great post, Alicia!

    1. Hi Biren, it’s a great platform to use for blogging. You are totally right, it take time and patience! I’m glad you enjoyed my post and thanks for reading! Alicia

  9. readandreviewit

    Fab tips – congrats on your growth, that’s insane! I didn’t realise you could see your twitter data, but I’ve been meaning to get into scheduling for a while. I also need to follow your tip about posting more personal content. Thanks for sharing, this was really useful x

  10. claire chircop

    These are some great tips! I’ve not actually checked my analytics on Twitter for such a long time! I do think the most important thing though is remembering that it’s a social media app and to be social on there. I do promote my blog posts on there quite regularly, I need to remember to add a bit of personality into there too.


  11. I’ve never thought to check Twitter stats. Will have a look today. Thanks for the informative points. It helps a newbie blogger like me 🙂

  12. Richie

    Hi Alicia,

    What a great post. And congratulations on the 108k impressions – very impressive!

    I certainly need to up my Twitter game so thank you very much for the tips – Starting with trying to find where you even look at numbers for impressions! 🙂

    1. Hi Richie, thanks for checking out my post. That’s so kind! Aww sorry, I will need to update the post for where to find them, Alicia

  13. Monique

    Wow, this is so interesting! That’s such a huge achievement. 100k impressions in A MONTH? That’s some crazy magic spell + hard work haha. I agree, don’t be afraid to follow people! But be mindful and intentional about it. Thank you for sharing your tips and advice for us. Really helpful for beginners.

  14. Rosie Ireland

    Amazing! Well done you! Twitter can be a tough nut to crack. I think socialising and interacting with fellow bloggers is the key to success!

  15. Anneliese

    It’s nice to hear you can succeed without Pinterest or Instagram. Being blind, those platforms don’t really work for me. This post was very encouraging. Thanks.

  16. Anneliese

    It’s nice to know I can succeed at blogging without depending on Pinterest and Instagram like everyone says. Being blind, those platforms are almost impossible for me to manage. This post was very encouraging. Thank you.

  17. Farah Kareem

    Thank you for sharing your strategies, i only knew few of these so thank u for informing us on your blog!

  18. Simply Alex Jean

    Wow these are some awesome tips – thanks for sharing! One of my goals for September is to focus on twitter growth so I’ll definitely be looking back to this article to use the strategies you’ve outlined. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Fransic verso

    Great ideas, I just realize about mixing content on Twitter for a better impression. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Nons Mshengu

    Yes ! Yes ! Yes !
    Couldn’t agree more with you. Twitter has been an incredible platform to grow my blog and connect with other amazing bloggers. The Twitter blogging community is so supportive and so uplifting ! Staying in touch and active on Twitter definitely changed the game for my blog.

    1. Hello! I’m so glad you found my post useful! Twitter is a great platform for meeting other bloggers and building page views. Alicia

  21. Alison

    Oh my word..I didn’t even have analytics turned on for Twitter! Thank you so much! I just figured it out and now have easy access to more stats. That’s so helpful. As are these tips! Twitter is my fave social platform, so it’s helpful to know how to utilize it better 🙂

    1. Hello Alison, I am so glad that you enjoyed my post. A lot of people didn’t know about Twitter analytics but they are so useful, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Alicia

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