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Hello! I am Alicia Thompson and I am the creator of The Bloggers Incentive. I started this platform as a way for other people to create, build and monetize their blog. I have over five years of experience in the blogging world and throughout that time, I wished I had this platform to help me through it all. From understanding SEO to building a website, I made a lot of errors throughout the years. That has allowed me to then build this platform for you.

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What bloggers are saying

"Alicia is offering an amazing service at a very reasonable price. The process of starting the audit was very easy and simple. Alicia completed the audit extremely fast and provided a checklist with the major findings as well as a more detailed PDF with tips and resources on how to fix the issues. Highly recommend!"
Travel Addict Unicorn
"I would happily work with Alicia again and would recommend her service to other bloggers."
Simi Shares
"I wholeheartedly recommend Alicia to everyone who wants to take their blog or website to another level. Especially if you want to start monetizing your blog. Before this audit, I didn't even realize how many broken links I had on my blog and how slow my site speed was. Whether you have only started your blog or have been blogging for a long time, I assure you that you need a blog audit, it never hurts to get some extra help."
Sweet Passions
"Building a website from scratch on WordPress is actually so hard, well I think so anyway. I could never have done it without The Bloggers Incentive."

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