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September Income report

I feel like time is flying by and before I know it, the month is over.

Last month, August I mean, we had a really successful month with The Bloggers Incentive as we managed to make a profit and it was also a new blog.

In September, as we mentioned in the previous income report, I wouldn’t be working on the blog full-time, therefore I expected a dip in my income this month.

To my surprise, we managed to make more money than last month.

Let’s look at how much we made and how we managed to make it without working full-time.

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September income report for a new blog! How much can you really make with a new blog? The Bloggers Incentive.

Income for September

For the month of September, I didn’t have any paid blog audits. I had a free blog audit for The Plain Simple Life for my 1k Twitter giveaway. Check out her blog for the best minimalist tips.

My income this month was made up of my E-books and my branding kit.


I currently have two E-Books in my store. The Pocket Size SEO book and How to start a blog from scratch.

My most popular E-Book is The Pocket Size E-Book which shares all my SEO secrets on how I went from a DA score of 1 to 15 within a few months.

I made seven sales at £10, making a total of £70 for my SEO E-Book.

I adapted my marketing plan for this E-Book, therefore, I was really happy with this figure as it was triple what my last E-Book made at launch.

My other E-Book, how to start a blog from scratch made £36, three sales of £12.

Overall, from my E-Books on Gumroad – I made £106.

I am extremely happy with this figure as I am still new to Gumroad.

A screenshot of my income from Gumroad income from September.

Etsy Products

We started to sell our products on Etsy in September and were shocked by the outcome.

I have sold products on Etsy in the past and never made much progress.

On my Etsy store, I offer my E-Books, my audit service and my branding kit.

For the month of September, I made £66.18 from Etsy.

A screenshot of my Etsy sales from September and how much we made as a new blog.

Total income

Overall, this was an improvement from last month and I wasn’t working full-time on my blog this month.

In total, I made £172.18 from my blog.

Although this isn’t the thousands yet from this single blog, it’s a great start.

Let’s move on to expenses.


Sadly, not everything I make is a profit but as long as I cover my fees for the month, I am happy.

I had a few expenses throughout the month but was ready to invest in my blog.

Gumroad + Etsy fees

As I use third-party platforms for selling my products, this means I need to pay fees.

For Gumroad, I paid a total of £11.34 for selling my products on the platform.

For Etsy, I paid a total of £9.58. The fees on Etsy were considerably higher but Etsy automatically add your account to the display ads section, meaning if I made a sale through the display ads, I would pay a slightly higher fee.

In total, I paid £20.92 in fees.


In October, I invested in some ad spaces in other blogs. I paid for one spot in October and two for November.

October: £5

November: £11

Although this was not for September, I pre-paid the spots to guarantee my space.

I paid a total of £16 for ad spaces. I have already seen the benefits from taking out the ads, therefore I am happy with my investment.



For self-hosting, I had 0 expenses because I made affiliate sales in August that cleared, therefore the way Dreamhost works is that they will take off the monthly amount from my affiliate payment.

I prefer this because it means I’m not paying for my self-hosting.

In total, my self-hosting normally costs £11.75 per month because I use the unlimited plan.

Total expenses for September

Although my expenses were higher this month, I decided to put some of the money I was making back into my blog.

In total, my expenses were 36.92. This is low and I have decided to invest more of my money into my blog next month.

Total profit for September

Overall, I was shocked with my September income report as I worked on my blog around half the time I did the previous month due to other commitments and travelling.

In total, I made 135.26 profit for the month of September.

Yes, this isn’t a livable wage yet but I have been working on my money mindset to remove my limiting beliefs with making money on my blog.

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October Investments

In October, I decided to invest in my blog. This month I am looking at:

  • Paid stock photo memberships
  • A launch of a new product
  • Adverts for the rest of the year

September income Report

In September, I worked half the time on my blog but managed to make more money.

I would call that a success.

In October, I plan to work on my blog a lot more than last month therefore I expect to see a big improvement in my profit for October.

I hope you enjoyed this income report! What do you like to see on income reports?

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September income report for a new blog - how much did I make with a new blog in 2021. The Bloggers Incentive.

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  1. Vourneen

    Hi Alicia! Congratulations on your September income! It’s great to see it increasing through the months, especially as you reduced the amount of time you spent working on your blog.
    I love seeing your expenses too, as it gives a realistic view of what new bloggers can expect when they start earning from their blogs. Looking forward to next month’s report.
    And thanks so much for the mention! I was so happy with the audit and, for a pocket sized guide, there is so much useful information in your SEO Ebook!

    1. Hello Vourneen! Thank you so much for commenting! Aw I am so glad you enjoyed my report! Of course, it was a pleasure to audit your blog and I can’t wait to see what you do next.
      P.S so glad you’re loving the SEO book!

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