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My first income report – August 2021

As a blogger, I love reading income reports, for a number of reasons. Due to curiosity, motivation and downright being nosy. When I started The Bloggers Incentive, it never really occurred to me that I would write income reports but as I see more and more of my students get disheartened by earning a small amount from blogging, I want to show a realistic side to blogging.

I love reading income reports of ‘How I made 100,000 in 2021 for blogging’ because it shows that earning a large amount is possible. Although these blog posts are enjoyable to read, I sometimes find myself wondering why I’m not making that sort of income.

Should I be doing the same as them?

This is when impostor syndrome kicks in and it’s important to remember that not every blog needs to be the same in order to make money.

Moving onto why you’re really reading this post.

My first income report for The Bloggers Incentive.

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My first ever income report as a beginner blogger in 2021. How much money I made in 2021 as a beginner blogger with The Bloggers Incentive. Check out how I made over £100 on my blog within the first month.

My streams of income

Before we begin, I would like to make it clear that blogging isn’t a ‘get rich quick’ scheme and although I am sharing my income from this blog, I will also be sharing my page views, time and effort that went into my blog over the month.

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Affiliate marketing

In my previous blogs, I’ve never bothered with affiliate marketing as I never understood it. With this blog, I really wanted to give it a go and insert my links into posts that were relevant.

I made $30 with the Dreamhost affiliate program, which is around £21. (I will be creating this income report in pounds as it’s what I work in).

Although my income doesn’t mainly consist of affiliate marketing, this income is passive.

My products

I have a few products that I released in August and although the sales are very small, I don’t believe my marketing plan was great. I have gone back to the drawing board to improve my content marketing for my future products.

Regardless, I made £6 from my branding kit which is actually free but people can offer to pay a donation on Gumroad.

I made £10 from one of my E-Books, The Pocketsize SEO Book which is my latest E-Book for beginner bloggers looking to build their SEO. I created this book because my SEO strategies were allowing me to rank quickly and I want to share my secrets with readers.

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Client services

I had created my first piece of ghostwriting for a skin-care brand. I was really excited to work professionally with another brand and provide a piece of content. For this work, as it was a trial blog post, I charged $30 for 1,000 words. This may seem like a small amount but I wanted the experience more than the money.

This equals around £21.

The last way that I made money was by completing blog audits. This is by far my favourite way to make money as it lets me help other bloggers improve their SEO and content. I completed a total of 7 free audits to gather testimonials and then I made a further £64 from my blog audit services.

A screenshot of my income from Gumroad which is a site that I use to sell my products.

If you would like to work with me, contact

The total amount for my first income report

In total, I made £122 from my first month of launching my blog. This of course isn’t a livable income but it was extra income that I wasn’t expecting.

We have looked at my income, now let’s look at my expenses for the month.

Expenses for the month of August

As my blog is still in the start-up stage, I like to keep the costs down, where possible. I am a big believer in investing in yourself and the thing I have invested most within my blog is time.

I was able to cover my blogging expenses this month from the income that I made from my blog which was a huge success in my books.


I use Dreamhost as my self-hosting platform. I have been with them for over 3 years and I really enjoy their services. For this blog, I pay £5 per month which is more than Blue Host’s monthly fee but I am able to pay it in monthly instalments instead of a yearly fee.

Canva Pro

I have been using Canva Pro for years and I am extremely happy with their service. I use this platform every day to create my pins, graphics and Instagram posts.

For the Canva Pro subscription, I pay £10.99 per month.

Product fees

When choosing a platform I was torn between setting up a shop on my website or using a third party platform. I had a shop on my other blog and it made my site run incredibly slow. Although I pay a slightly larger fee by using a third party site, my site speed is better than previously.

For the blog audit, E-Book and Branding kit, I paid a total of $8.30 in fees, which is roughly £6 for the month on Gumroad.

For the client work I completed, I used Fiverr which takes a 20% commission of everything I make. I try not to use the platform very often but for this occasion, I accepted the fee. I paid $6 which is around £4.36.

Total fees

In total, I paid 26.35 in expenses throughout the month.

Profit for August

I then calculated my total profit for the month of August to be £95.65. I was incredibly happy with this figure as it is my first month of The Bloggers Incentive.

My goal is to buy an IPad with the profit from my blog to allow me to work more remotely as my laptop isn’t always accessible. I have put £95.65 in my savings.

Stats for the month

I believe that making just under one hundred pound profit on my first-month blogging is a very successful goal, but it wasn’t easy. In this section of the post, I am going to share my blogging stats for the month and also a rough estimate of hours that I worked throughout the month to achieve this.

Blog views

For the month of August, I reached 1,500 page views on my blog with a total of 444 users throughout the month. My blogging goal was exactly 1,500 therefore I am happy to have reached my goal.

A screenshot of my blogging views  for the month of August and how this has helped me reach my income goal in August.

Overall, I believed my blog performed very well and I am pleased with the results.

DA Score

Over the course of the month, my DA score increased considerably which was a big shock.

My DA moved to 2 at the start of August but then decreased back to one when I had a crawling problem with my site. Once I sorted these problems at the start of July, my DA moved to 5 around the middle of August and then increased to 10 by the end of the month.

Domain authority screenshot to show my DA score improving over the course of the month in August which helped my income in August.
(The Blue line is The Bloggers Incentive)

I owe my DA success to working extremely hard throughout the month on my SEO strategy. Although I love promoting my blog on platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest, Google is the end goal.

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Twitter is now my main form of traffic since Pinterest became a waiting game. I really enjoy using Twitter every day as I can connect with other bloggers.

In the month of August, I reached a new goal for my Twitter which was 152,000 impressions over one month. I am extremely grateful for all the support I have received on Twitter and will continue to use the platform throughout my blogging journey.

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Time spent on my blog

Although I managed to reach all my goals for the month of August, I invested a lot of time into the blog. I was fortunate enough to be able to take a month off teaching to work solely on my blog to build it up.

I spent an average of 7-8 hours per day on my blog with maybe 1 or 2 days off in the entire month. Some days I spent a lot more time. Although I spent a lot of time on my blog without making a livable income, I am happy with the results.

My aim was to have my site health in good condition for the following months and a solid base to start from.

In September, I will be returning to teaching therefore, I will have to share my time between the two.

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My goals for September

As we are on the 1st of September, I have created some goals for my blog, but keeping in mind that my time will be split between teaching, blogging and YouTube.

For my blogging income, I would like to generate £300 from my blog in September, which is a large increase but I believe with the correct marketing skills and time management this goal is achievable.

My goal is to also create a lot of content for October as I will be travelling again and I learned from the last time that I travelled that it’s difficult to keep up with my blog. Therefore, I am looking to create as much content as I possibly can for October.

My first income report

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my first income report and found it motivational. I think that earning a profit of £95 is a great start to my blogging journey and I can only improve my skills. I have enjoyed writing this post and will continue to share my income reports throughout the coming months.

What are your thoughts on income reports and have you enjoyed this one?

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How I made £122 my first month blogging. My first income report for creating my blog. Are you thinking about creating a blog and earning an income from it? Check out my full first time income report where I share all my secrets and income with my readers. The Bloggers Incentive.

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  1. Sarah

    Loved the income report! It was nice to see how much you made your first month, along with how much you actually worked on your blog! I like to create income reports for my blog as well, but never thought to include how much time went into it! I think this gives new bloggers a clear picture on how much work it actually takes to make an income!

    Great report!

    1. Hi Sarah! Aw thank you so much for checking out my post and I’m glad you enjoyed my post. I totally agree, it shows how much work is involved in blogging. Alicia

  2. Claire Mac

    Good for you girl! It looks like the only way you can go is up! Your DA score increase is amazing. Well done for creating something so brill!


  3. Jaya Avendel

    I absolutely loved reading this since you have just started out and it reflects how and where you have grown! I love that you intend to save the money you make through blogging to reinvest into an Ipad that will help you work more easily and conveniently.
    Thanks for sharing and may the words flow!

  4. readandreviewit

    Love this, you’re doing amazingly so far! I love reading income reports particularly as I’m not making any yet so I always find it interesting to see what others are doing. Thanks for sharing x

    1. Biren Panchal

      I really find this post an insightful one, Alicia! The income report shows your efforts and the return which you’ve received against them! However, I would say it definitely is more than it shows because numbers could not show the hard work, the burn out and similar feelings while we’re working so hard to get paid for what we do! But you, Alicia, believe me, you’re a genius and unbelievably incredible, this is the first time I’m seeing a report which shows the time factor included vs the efforts! Great job done you, so proud of you and happy to see your growth here!

  5. Congratulations! I love reading income reports! Although I have no plans to make money through blogging at the minute, it’s definitely inspiring and something for me to consider in the future 🙂

  6. Lauren

    You have started off to a great start with your blog. It is so encouraging for other people to see how they can make money. Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren -bournemouthgirl

  7. I love reading income reports. Thank you for sharing this.

    It’s great to see you’ve made money in the first month & it gives me hope it can be done.

    Well done xxx

  8. Harsha

    That’s really awesome. Congratulations and loved reading this. You encourage me alot to do more with my blog. Thanks for sharing! x


  9. Caroline

    That’s amazing, well done! I made a net profit of 77p in August ? but I’ve got quite a few things in the pipeline so this month should be around £100 x

  10. Kaye

    Amazing, really enjoyed reading this income report

  11. Lynn

    Wow, how amazing is it that you made extra income in your first month of starting this blog!! Congrats my love! You are killing it! Can’t wait to see your income report this time next year and see it triple! xx

    Lynn |

  12. Cristina Rosano

    Wow, you did amazingly ALicia! This is such a great result in the first month, I really love reading income reports as they give me hope that with hard work it can be done! Also really appreciate you added the time you spent on it! And congratulations on your DA too! You’re killing it x

    1. Hi Cristina, thank you so much, i am totally the same i love seeing income reports from others as well as it just shows what can be possible in the beautiful world of blogging

      thanks, Alicia

  13. JoJo Hall

    That’s awesome to see and hear! Such an inspiration for the blogging community

    1. Hi JoJo, thank you so much i hope it does inspire others into pursuing their passions as if you put enough hard work and dedication in anything is possible


  14. Vourneen

    These are fantastic numbers and stats for your first month blogging Alicia! And it’s inspired me to start looking at ways I can monetize mine too. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Eleanor Jones

    I loved reading this! Income reports are so interesting to read for me because I love to see how I can improve my blog monetisation, and I can understand how other bloggers operate. Thanks for sharing Alicia x

  16. Erika

    I REALLY loved how you’ve shared this. Very inspirational as I love reading income reports and this one definitely made me feel like its time for me to up my games.


  17. Joan

    Wow… This is truly inspirational. Thank you for sharing.

    Can you please write know how we can increase our blog DA.




  19. Sweety Joshi

    That’s super awesome! Congratulations to you. Little wins matters a lot and I’m happy to see how hard you working to grow this blog. I love reading your all posts. Keep it up lovely.

    ~Sweety Joshi

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