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How to write an about me page for blogging in 2021

When beginner bloggers start, an about me page is often overlooked. It’s either not important or it’s slipped to the back of the priority list. We are here to tell you that your about me page is one of the most important pages of your blog.

An about me page is a detailed insight that a reader or brand will read to learn about you and your blog. This is your chance to sell yourself, your blog and gain a loyal reader, or a brand deal. 

But why does it matter so much?

When you provide incredible content to your readers, your subscribers will wonder, who is behind the content? Who is making this content and why are they an expert in their field. An about me page allows your readers an insight into the blog, who you are and why you created it. It creates a personal connection with your readers and we want to spark emotion with your subscribers. That is why we want to create a killer about me page.

Keep reading to find out how to write an about me page for a blog.

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How to write an about me page when you're a beginner blogger in 2021. Are you thinking about creating a blog and not sure how to write an about me, check out these 10 tips for creating an about me page. The Bloggers Incentive.

Getting started

Now that we have convinced you to write an eye-catching about me page, we are going to help you write one that your readers won’t forget. We have listed 13 tips that will help you write your about me page and create that emotional connection with your readers.

The backstory to your journey

Like a story, you want to start from the beginning. What was the inspiration and drive that led you to create the blog? A lot of the time, blogs are created from life experience, dive into that life experience and share it with your readers.

For example, if you have a fashion blog that is about fashion on a budget. Talk about what got you into fashion, who is your inspiration? You can then talk about why you decided to go down the root of fashion on a budget. Are you a student? Did you lose your job and not have money? People like to know the details.

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Decide what person you are writing in and stick to it

Writing an about me page is just like creating normal blog content, you need to ensure you are sticking with the same person. If you are a personal blogger, you write about personal experiences, for this page, we would recommend writing in the first person as this lets the reader know you have taken the time to write this page. Your blog is personal, so why wouldn’t this page be?

If your blog is a business page that offers services, you can write in either the first person or the third person. Writing in the third person can give a more professional look to your page.

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Include a picture of you

As we are trying to build that emotional connection with our readers, putting a face to a name is a great way to do this. Include a headshot picture of you on the page to show your readers who are you.

When writing an about me page, you do have a lot of ground to cover but it’s important to not ramble on. People want to get to know you without reading a novel. Keep the information direct and straight to the point.

On the other hand, it’s important to include enough information to allow the reader to understand you, why the blog was created and the overall goal.


Use the same tone as your content writing

If readers or brands are looking at your about me page, they are interested in you and your writing. If you write content that is informal and easy to read, don’t then create an about me page that completely changes the tone of your writing.

Readers can tell when you have:

  • Had your page written for you
  • Tried to make it sound more professional than it needs to be

If you are having your about me page written for you, send the writer a list of your pieces so that they can keep a similar tone.

Be honest

An about me page isn’t like a CV where we state only the best and brightest moments of our lives. Readers want to know how you got here. If that includes a struggle, write about it. For example, if you’re writing a debt blog but your about me page is:

I’ve never been in debt, I’ve always had money and not struggled. 

Your readers are not going to read your content as they cannot relate to you.

How to write an about me page as a beginner blogger. 
A picture of a laptop, cup of coffee and a pair of glasses.

Sell yourself

Not only will readers be using this page but also brands who are looking to work with you. Sell yourself. Explain why you are so good at what you do. There’s a reason why you are an amazing blogger and you need to let the reader know why you are good at what you do.

Brands use the about page to gather information on bloggers and therefore it needs to include all the good things, of course still being honest. 

Include social links

As this page is about creating a personal connection, it’s the perfect time to include a call to action. You’ve told the reader everything there is to know about you, so now you want them to commit to your brand.

That could be joining your subscriber list or following your social media.

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Include achievements in your life

Although we are talking about the backstory and the struggles in our lives, we also want to include the highs. Include your achievements. If you have been featured on a known website or won an award, include that on your about page.

Let people know just how amazing you are.


Why should people follow your blog?

As we mentioned above, we are selling ourselves and the blog to the reader. Let the reader know why they need to follow your blog. Include the following on your about me page:

  • Why do they need to subscribe?
  • What benefit does your blog have?
  • What will they learn from you?

If the reader is going to invest time and even money into your brand you need to make it clear why they need to. 

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Proofread your text

When you create any sort of writing, proofreading is a must. You readers don’t want to be reading a thought-out page with grammar errors and spelling mistakes all over the page.

It only takes a few minutes to read over your writing, use a spell checker and ensure everything makes sense. A great platform that offers a free spell checker tool is Grammarly.

How to write an about me page for a blog

An about me page is a page that should not be overlooked. It’s an important part of your blog and brand. This can make the difference of a brand reaching out to work with you or moving on to the next blog. We hope this has answered how to write an about me page for a blog.

Remember to:

  • Be honest with your readers. Build that emotional connection.
  • Proofread all of your work.
  • Include the highs and lows of your journey.

What are some things you’ve included in your about me page?

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How to write an about me page for a blog in 2021. Are you a beginner blogger? Are you looking to create a new blog and not sure how to write an about me page? Check out these 10 tips for creating a killer about me page. The Bloggers Incentive.

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  1. AmethystAP

    I never know what to include in my about me page so thanks for the wonderful tips. I shall go over my about me page and see if I am hitting some of these points. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Alexis

    Great post! I haven’t seen many posts written about “about me” pages so thank you for sharing! Having a good balance of professional yet casual and friendly tones can be a little hard. I should probably brush up on my own! A lot of people see your about page, so I understand how important is to make sure it’s good.


  3. JamieAdStories

    This is very handy as I have yet to properly do an about me page.

  4. Lynn

    Spot on, Alicia! About me’s are so important and I actually prefer getting to know the blogger over anonymous blogs. About me pages are important for brand collabs too! Thanks for sharing xx

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    Very useful! I struggle with what to include and what to leave out. Because I want it to read well but not be overly sharey.

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    This is a well worthy read, Alicia! I really like the way to think and perceive regarding the “About Me” section, since your tips are truly thought provoking to be a professional full time blogger! And 100% agree that at some point it gets neglected since we focus more on posting contents but our readers at some point would definitely like to know about the one who’s developing the content, how, when, what, where such sort of questions arise in mind which is very much obvious! To be honest, when I started following your blog, first I checked your info, because I’m the one who don’t follow only content but also the person behind it!

    Perhaps, I’ll be making some alterations with the given tips on my blog! Thank you so much, this is really helpful! Great job done as usual, Alicia!

    1. Hi Biren, thanks for checking out my post. Thank you so much for your comment and I’m really glad that you found my post useful and I can’t wait to see your about me page with some changes, you got this Biren! Alicia

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