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How to create a blog with less than 20 dollars

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When creating a blog, you’ll probably come across a lot of different posts that recommend all these amazing sites that can help you build your successful blog, before you know it, the bill has amounted to $500 and you’ve not even created your site yet.

Starting out as a new blogger, you’re scared to invest a lot of money in it. What if I don’t like blogging or what if doesn’t take off? The Bloggers Incentive is here to tell you that you can create a successful blog for less than 20 dollars.

Although there are some pricey options out there, you can also create a successful and creative blog for less than 20 dollars.

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how to create a blog with less than 20 dollars - are you looking to start your blogging journey not don't have a lot of funds? No problem! You can create a beautiful blog for less than 20 dollars.


Before committing to a name and having a logo designed, you need to ensure that it’s available as a domain. The best and most affordable domain provider is I have used to purchase all domains for my sites. offers incredible discounts for your first year and also is very simple to link your domain and hosting.

All domains that I’ve purchased have cost less than £3.00 for the full year. Again, please ensure your domain is available before creating any content.

Important tip: Although the first year is affordable, please check the price for the following years.

Hosting for WordPress

Now that you have your domain ready, it’s time to selecting your hosting plan for WordPress. Having a self-hosted WordPress site is the most affordable and best option as you can create and design the website however you like.

For all my sites, I use DreamHost. I have been using DreamHost for three years now and I absolutely love the service and all the benefits that they offer.

On the start sharer plan, they offer a monthly subscription as well as a yearly one which drew me in because I didn’t want to commit to a full year. The plan is only £3.06 per month and includes:

  • SSL Certificate
  • 1 Website hosting
  • WordPress pre-installed
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 24/7 support
  • WordPress builder (if you need it)

I cannot recommend DreamHost enough and they have always answered any questions I’ve had within 24 hours.

If you would like to learn more about their starter sharer plan, click here!

How to create a blog for less than 20 dollars is doable. 

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Free themes

When starting out a new blog, free themes are your best bet. Free themes offer a lot of customization and there are a lot of good free WordPress themes out there. I have listed the top free WordPress themes that are easy to install and customizable:

  • Astra – this is one of the most popular free themes WordPress has to offer.
  • Bard – this theme is simplistic and great for lifestyle blogs.
  • Olsen Light – if you’re looking for a theme with a lot of plugins, this is for you! They offer so much detail for a free theme.
  • Fascinate – this theme is mobile friendly and really easy to navigate.
  • Foodica Lite – If you’re creating a food blog, this theme is for you.


If you are creating your blog, Canva is a must. Canva offers a free service that has a good amount of fonts, colours and graphics. If you are starting out, the free service is very useful. They also offer a pro service, if you would like 30 days FREE pro, click here!

In the pro version, they also include over 400,000 templates, branding kit, photo editing features and social media scheduling. This is extremely useful for Instagram as not many platforms out there can schedule for Instagram.

If you are creating graphics, Pinterest pins, banners, logos, printables or digital products, Canva is exactly what you need.

Keyword research

Writing a good blog post requires keyword research. There is no point investing your time into a post that has DA’s of 90 ranking all of page one. Selecting longtail keywords that are achievable for ranking in Google is crucial.

Some free tools that will help you with keyword research are:

  • Google search bar
  • Google related terms
  • Moz (free version)

If you are looking to learn more about how to use these tools, check out my post here!

How to write a successful blog post for less than 20 dollars when you are creating your blog.

Stock images

I have yet to speak to a blogger who doesn’t use stock images. Although travel bloggers do include their own content, when starting out stock images are a great way to build up your blog.

A lot of stock sites are subscription-based but there are a number of free ones out there.

Let’s look at some examples:

  • My all-time favourite is Unsplash, the offer over 300,000 stock photos and have new photos uploaded every day.
  • Pixabay is very similar to Unsplash and has a large number of contributors and stock photos.
  • Stalkvalut is another great site that offers stock photos. I don’t use this site as much but something I refer back to if I am looking for an image.

If you are using stock photos, remember to read the terms and conditions. Most stock sites require you to credit the creator.

How to create a blog with less than 20 dollars

Blogging doesn’t have to be a large monthly expense, not until you are sure you want to commit to it. With all the free resources out there, there’s no reason to spend a lot of money until you’re sure it’s for you.

Once you have your domain, hosting, site and graphics built all there is left to do is write and promote which comes free. Although it may be tempting to pay for ads, build organic traction first.

What are some free alternatives for blogging that you like to use?

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How to create a beautiful blog for 20 dollars or less. Are you looking to start blogging but not sure where to start? Check out this post for how you can create a blog for less than 20 dollars.

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  1. Della Driscoll

    I love this post! You’ve packed it full of useful info that a lot of newbie bloggers will love – thanks for sharing x

  2. readandreviewit

    Love this – you’ve included so much helpful and important information! Even though I’ve had my blog a couple of months now I still learnt a lot from this, haha. Thanks for sharing x

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for reading. I think as bloggers we keep learning throughout the years, I’m glad you found this information useful. Alicia

  3. Canva is great. I love all the designs I can make. I have used Canva for a while now and I really love it. Also, I enjoy using WordPress for my blog. Its a great website for bloggers.

    1. Hello, I think Canva and WordPress are vital for bloggers and cannot recommend them enough. I make everything on Canva and it’s so easy to use. I’m glad you enjoy using them too! Alicia

  4. Ellie Wright

    Some really great tips! I love using canva and to this day I still se the free version – there’s so many fonts and templates available. Starting a blog doesn’t have to cost a fortune 🙂

    1. Hi Ellie, I totally agree, blogging doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and there are so many free alternatives! Glad you enjoy Canva, it’s my favourite tool for blogging. Alicia

  5. Harsha

    This is such a great post and it will be really helpful for beginners! I wish I had this when I was getting started. And I love your blog design!!! Thanks for sharing this xx

    1. Hi Harsha, thanks for reading my post! I feel the same, that’s why I am creating these posts as I wish I had them when I started out! Thank you so much, so kind! Alicia

  6. Love this! It’s perfect for anyone who may be worried about having so many expenses with a blog, it just shows you don’t have to spend a silly amount of money to have a blog. This is perfect for anyone who is just starting out.

    1. Hi Jordanne, thanks for reading my post. That was exactly the aim. Blogging doesn’t have to be a large expense when starting out, hopefully this will encourage other bloggers to start blogging! Alicia

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