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Content marketing strategy for blogging in 2021

As a full-time creator and writer, it’s important to have a content marketing strategy for your blog in 2021. In order to blog full-time, it requires more than posting a few times a month. Why do we need a content marketing strategy?

Having a content strategy allows you to boost traffic, improve your sales and increase your income. Resulting in you becoming a full-time blogger.

If you’re asking yourself:

  • How do I build my audience?
  • How can I increase my sales?
  • How do I become a full-time blogger?

These 8 tips will help you transition from a hobby blogger to a full-time blogger earning a livable income.

How to create a content strategy for blogging in 2021. Are you looking to become a full time blogger? Not sure where to start? let's look at your content marketing strategy. The Bloggers Incentive

How to get started

When creating your content marketing strategy for blogging, you need to assess why you are creating a strategy, what are your goals for blogging? Setting weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals will play a huge part in your strategy. Although you are looking to build your traffic and improve your sales, you need to have an aim.

Create goals for every aspect of your blog. Ranging from how many posts you’ll create per month, how many followers will you gain on Instagram and your engagement.

Another factor to include when creating your strategy is your target audience. Before you start creating amazing content and building a full-time blogging schedule, ask yourself: is my target audience correct?

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A social platform that is overlooked when it comes to promoting a blog is Twitter. When I speak with my students, Twitter is not their choice of marketing for their blog and I am here to tell you exactly why it should be.

In Q1 of 2021, Twitter had around 199 million active users, although this is considerably less than platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, Twitter is growing.

If Twitter has fewer users than other platforms, why should you focus on it?

Unlike other platforms, you can directly interact with people without having to follow them. The algorithm makes it a lot easier to share content with your followers from other content creators. Such as:

  • Retweets
  • Creating lists
  • Replying to tweets
  • Following hashtags
  • Liking tweets

Through all of the above actions, you are able to discover new Twitter users.

In the first month of The Bloggers Incentive, Twitter was responsible for over 70% of my social traffic. Although Pinterest is good long term, Twitter was able to provide quick results.

twitter is the main form of my social traffic for the bloggers incentive and is a form of social media that is often overlooked when new bloggers create their content marketing strategy but I am here to tell you why it should be included.

Treat your blog like a job

If you’re looking to earn a full-time income, you need to treat your blog like a job. Set working hours and be strict with yourself. Although you have the freedom of working at home and for yourself, you still need to create a routine in your work life.

Things you can do:

  • Create a workspace that you use only for work. This could be a desk area or if you have an extra room.
  • Set work hours and days.
  • Get dressed and get out your PJs.

Work on your SEO

A lot of beginner bloggers neglect SEO because it can be a lot of wrap your head around, but the quicker you work on SEO the easier it will become.

We are going to look at three things you can do to improve your SEO and include them in your content marketing strategy for blogging.

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8 things to include in your content marketing strategy in blogging 2021. Are you looking to build up your blogging game in 2021? Check out these 8 tips for improving your blog and becoming a full-time blogger. The Bloggers Incentive


An important factor for ranking on Google is building your backlinks.

What is a backlink?

A backlink is where another blog links to your content from their blog. The higher the DA of the other blog, the better the backlink. If you have 10 backlinks to blogs of DA 1 but 1 link to a blog with a DA of 70, that one link is going to rank you better than the other 10.

It’s about getting quality links over quantity.


There are a number of reasons why interlinking is so important for your blog.

  1. Spreading the link juice throughout your site.
  2. Improves the bounce rate as people are staying longer on your site going through the recommended content.
  3. It helps Google to understand your niche when it crawls your site.

What is interlinking?

Interlinking is linking your blog post within a blog post, that relates to the new blog post. For example, if you have a blog post on winter boots but you are now creating the best winter essentials, you can then link back to your winter boots post as they can reference each other.


I have mentioned in previous posts that keyword research is an important factor in SEO. In order to get found on Google, you have to rank for specific keywords that people are searching for.

3 free ways you can do keyword research:

  • Google search bar
  • Google related terms
  • Moz free plan (10 free searches per month)

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A picture of a laptop and a person typing on the laptop.

Creating infographics

Infographics are becoming more popular with blogging and a lot easier to create as well. If you’re not a graphic designer, there’s no problem. I use Visme to create my Infographics as they provide easy to use drag and drop features.

Why are infographics important?

Infographics are forever growing on Pinterest and are very popular as they contain larger amounts of information compared to standard pin. Infographics rank well on Pinterest. They are also great for blogging because it provides the user with something they can use on their blog and link back to you as you created the graphic. This helps you SEO by building backlinks.

Creating content consistently

Although we are looking for quality content, you also need to increase your quantity. Posting once a month as a beginner isn’t going to work anymore and you need to be consistently creating new content.

A great way to stay on top of your content is by creating a blogging schedule.

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Create an email list

If you’re a beginner blogger, do not overlook creating an email list. Although social media is easier to build, social media doesn’t stay the same forever. One thing that does remain the same is an email list.

By creating an email list, you have direct contact with your readers. If Twitter was to disappear, you would lose those readers, but with your email list, you own the rights to the data.

Another point to remember, even if you don’t check your emails, other people do. You are looking to target an audience, not yourself.

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Although Pinterest has been receiving some backlash recently due to the updates and algorithm changes, Pinterest is still a market that should be tapped into. Social media algorithms change all the time and it’s important to keep up to date with the latest version.

With Pinterest, this is now more of a waiting game compared to a few years ago where you could be discovered very quickly. If you are following all the recommended tips:

  • Posting fresh pins
  • Using idea pins
  • Posting video content
  • Reducing your re-pinning habits

You will grow on Pinterest over time and can build you a large amount of traffic.

Include share icons on your site

WordPress offers a free social share icon plugin, therefore there is no excuse not to have social share buttons on your blog.

Social Warfare is easy to download and will add the social share buttons at the top of your blog posts. This makes it easier to share your posts.

Using the social share button makes it easier to share your content.

In your content marketing strategy, you want to gain as many shares as possible as it helps you gain traction on your blog. Using a social share plugin makes it easier than ever for users to share your content.

Content marketing strategy for blogging in 2021

If you are looking to take your blog to the next level and upgrade your income, you need a content marketing strategy for blogging. Using a strategy will help you design, plan and create your blogging empire the correct way to maximize the potential of your blog.

Using the above eight tips will help you get your content marketing on the right track. Remember to set goals and keep them realistic. It’s easy to lose motivation when you’re goals are unrealistic. For example, if you’re a beginner blogger in your first 3 months of blogging, it’s unrealistic to generate £20,000 per month.

What strategies have helped you become a full-time blogger?

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A content marketing strategy for blogging in 2021. Are you looking to improve your blogging game? Check out these 8 tips for building traffic, improving your blogging income and building a content marketing strategy. The Bloggers Incentive

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