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Why you need a Facebook group for your blog + how to set one up

As bloggers, it’s good to have multiple ways to earn readers, traffic and sales as social media platforms change all the time. A platform that has not changed too much over the last few years is Facebook.

You’re maybe wondering why bloggers would use Facebook as a form of networking as Facebook is usually used for friends and family.

Facebook also has a group feature that allows you to connect with others in a group.

Why do you need a Facebook group for your blog?

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Why you need to create a Facebook group for your blog! Are you looking to improve your blog traffic or get some loyal readers? Check out these tips about building a successful blog by using Facebook groups. The Bloggers Incentive.

Create a support group for your community

If you have a blog that is about mental health and anxiety, you could then create a Facebook group for your readers to join and connect with you and one another. Creating a community for your readers will allow you to get to know your readers.

Your readers can then ask questions within the group which you can answer with your blog posts. This is a great way to increase blog traffic.

For example, if a reader posts a question on things to help them sleep at night when you have anxiety and you have a blog post on the 5 best things to help people sleep, you can answer their message with a brief description and also link your blog post.

Of course, you don’t want to over link but if you think your post would be useful, include it.

Receive feedback from your readers

Creating a space that you can directly contact your readers will benefit you in many ways. For example, if you release a new post or product, you can receive direct feedback from your readers before releasing the product to the public.

As an incentive, you can also give your readers a backlink in return.

You can also give your group members the opportunity to ask for feedback on their posts and products. This will allow you to return the favour and provide good feedback for your readers.

This again builds a relationship with your readers.

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Improve product sales

Just like an email list, you have direct contact with your readers. When it comes to selling a digital or physical product, these are the platforms you are looking to target because you have already built up the clients. The people in the group already love your work, creating a loyal reader is done.

You now have to sell your product. The good thing about selling products to your Facebook group instead of tweeting about your product is because tweeting out will send it to your followers but they could miss your tweet.

In a Facebook group, your members will receive a notification of a new post. Meaning you are alerting your group members of a new product, making it easier to grab their attention.

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Use the Facebook group for a course

A lot of the time, when you participate in a course, the course also has a private Facebook group attached to it for people who have participated in the course. This will allow all your buyers to connect with one another and share questions that they might have about your course.

Another great reason to set up a Facebook group for a course is receiving feedback or testimonials through the group. A lot of the time, people want to share their achievements due to the course, you can then use this with their permission as a testimonial on your website.

Also, creating a group for people who have already purchased from you, gives you direct access to people who have already made the purchase. These people already trust you, your blogs and your products.

A repeat customer has a 27% chance of purchasing from your store again. If you can then make a second purchase from that same customer, you have a 54% of making the third sale. With access to this group, you are increasing your chances of a sale.

Why you need a facebook group for your blog and how to set one up as a beginner blogger. A picture of a phone with the Facebook app.

Improve blog traffic

Facebook can help a lot with building traffic. Although it may not bring in consistent traffic like Twitter or Pinterest, it can bring in spikes of traffic.

Let’s look at an example.

For my other blog, I posted on my Facebook group that I managed to make more money in a day from my blog than my 9-5 job that I was working at the time.

In 1 day, I received over 500 page views from Facebook alone as people were curious about my blog.

A screenshot of my pageviews from Facebook and how to increase your blog views from posting on Facebook.

Although posting on my Facebook group wasn’t giving me consistently 500 views per day, that spike really helped my bounce rate and my overall monthly page views.

Posting achievements and sharing your experiences on your Facebook group can draw readers in.

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How to set up a Facebook group

We now know why it’s so important to create a Facebook group for your blog, let’s now look at how you can build a Facebook group.

Before we start, you must have a personal Facebook account first.

Step 1: Creating the group

On the top of the menu bar, you have an icon of three people, you are going to click on the icon and this will take you to your group pages. This includes all the groups that are a part of and the ones that you manage.

Menu bar for Facebook and how to create a facebook group for your blog.

You are going to click on the ‘Create new group’ button on the left-hand sidebar.

Once you create your group, you will be prompted to choose a name for your group, the privacy setting and also the option to invite people. Let’s run through these three factors.

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Choosing a group name

Choosing a group name is very important as this is what your group will be called. Do not use the name of your blog.

For example, if your blog is called ‘What Becky loves to eat’ and you name your group the same name, your name is not going to come up in the search box for Facebook because who is looking for what you love to eat?

Instead, you want to name your group something that will be easily found, such as:

  • Recipe ideas
  • Budget recipes
  • Things to eat alone

These are group titles that people will be searching for. Although the group is for your blog, you want to make your group easy to find.

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Group privacy

You have the option to create a public or private group and I would always advise you to create a private group on Facebook.

If you have a public group, anyone can join. You are looking to attract your target audience. If you have a public group, you could have 1000 members but only 100 of them are your target audience.

When you create your group, you will have the option to include rules in your questions before people join your group.

Also, if you are creating freebie incentives for people to join your Facebook group, you need to make sure that they don’t have access to the material without joining your group.


Choosing who to invite

Although you may want to invite everyone on your Facebook friends list, this isn’t going to work and I would not invite anyone off your friend list unless they are your target audience.

For example, if you have a group that is based around fashion on a budget, but you are inviting your dad and family members who have no interest in the subject, although you will have 10 members in your group, they are not your target audience.

Step 2: Adding your brand to the group

Once your group is created, you then want to add your branding to the group. You can add a header to the group which people will be able to see when they join your group.

It’s important to add branding to your group because you are using a different name from your blog, therefore this lets people know this is your group.

Step 3: Add joining questions

When you create your group, you want to get as much information as you possibly can from people when they join.

I like to ask my members:

  • Are they a beginner blogger or an advanced blogger?
  • What are they looking to gain from the group?
  • I also ask for their email so I can send a FREEBIE incentive. This is really important for building your email list, but you have to give the member a reason to give their email across.

Why you need a Facebook group for your blog

Creating a Facebook group is the first section, you then have to maintain your Facebook group and create content for your group, otherwise, your members are not going to stick around. We are going to create a separate post on the upkeep of a Facebook group as there is a lot to think about.

Creating a Facebook group for your blog can be beneficial for generating traffic, sales and building a group of loyal readers.

Check out my Facebook group, blogging for beginners!

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Why you need a facebook group for your blog in 2021. How to build a successful facebook group in 2021 as a beginner blogger. Are you looking to start a facebook group for your blog? Check out how you can make a successful facebook group. The Bloggers Incentive.

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  1. Vourneen

    I’ve just joined your group! I never really though about having a Facebook group but what you say about the group asking questions and you answering them in blog posts makes so much sense! I may look at this over the next few months as my ultimate goal would be to provide coaching and courses. Great advice, as always!

    1. Hi Voureen, thanks for checking out my post. Thanks for joining my group! When you create your group, send me the link, I would love to join! Alicia

  2. mia

    You’re always bringing these great ideas to the table, Alicia! I have a (very inactive) facebook group, but it could definitely be a good source of traffic. I’ll have to spend some more time on it!

    mia //

    1. Hi Mia, thanks for checking out my post. I am glad you found it useful and i cannot wait to see your Facebook group grow! Alicia

  3. Caroline

    I’ve joined your blogging group 🙂 I’m in quite a few Facebook groups but I haven’t had success in bringing much traffic over to my blog – maybe I’ll try a bit harder! x

    1. Hi Caroline, thanks for joining my group!! I hope you enjoy being part of it! Aw I hope you will have success in my group! Alicia

  4. Eleanor Jones

    I’ve added this to my reading list to come back to, as I know I need to look into using Facebook to help my blog- but I don’t know how yet! Thank you Alicia 🙂 x

    1. Hi Eleanor, yes facebook can actually really help as it puts you directly in touch with other like minded people to bounce ideas back and forth, i actually have a facebook group i started called “blogging for beginners” feel free to join the group and contribute to discussions to see if it might benefit you.

      Thanks, Alicia

  5. Lindsay

    What a great idea! I’ve never heard of this before but it does make sense it creating a group. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Hi Lindsay, yeah it really helps as it puts you in touch with lots of like minded people that can offer advice and support. i actually started a facebook group called “blogging for beginners” feel free to join and give/receive advice and thanks for reading!

      thanks Alicia

  6. Nons Mshengu

    I don’t have Facebook for my blog, but this post has given me a lot to think about. Thank you for sharing this post and for always giving amazing blogging tips.

    Nons Mshengu

    1. Hi Nons, yes facebook groups help to get advice and support from like minded people who are at all different experience levels in their blogging career, i started a facebook group called “blogging for beginners” feel free to join the group and it might help with any questions or support you might need

      Thanks Alicia

  7. I do have a Facebook group for my blog but it’s really only to allow my everyday friends to access my posts without going onto another platform. I’m a little confused because you suggest private settings but it almost sounds from that sentence that you suggest public settings. I’m set at public and wondering if you’re suggesting changing to private? Thanks for sharing some great reasons why I need to continue this group.

    1. Hi Jodie, i suggest private as it means that you can set out rules and guidelines for your group and people joining that you may not know will have to agree to the rules before they can join. In turn this means that if anyone in the group doesn’t stick to the rules you have set out it can’t be directly your fault as they agreed to the rules before joining.

      Thanks Alicia

  8. readandreviewit

    Love this! I don’t even have a facebook account for my blog yet – let alone a whole group – but this sounds great for gaining more traffic! Will have to save this for later and set one up in the next few weeks, haha! Thanks for sharing x

    1. Hi, yes it is definitely something to look into there are so many benefits to being in touch with like minded people of all experience levels! My Facebook Group is called “blogging for beginners” feel free to join and give/receive advice or supports on any issues you may have

      Thanks Alicia

  9. Farah Kareem

    amazing blog, i never thought of doing a Facebook page for my blog because i didn’t like Facebook as much, really got the idea in my mind, thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Farah, yes it can help a lot! my Facebook group is called “blogging for beginners” feel free to join and keep in touch with like minded people on all kinds of experience levels

      Thanks Alicia

  10. AmethystAP

    I’ve thought about creating a Facebook group before. I even created it but I never did anything with it after that. It’s just sitting there, waiting for me to use it. lol. How do you manage blogging and all the other social media platforms?

    1. Hello! I have a diary with EVERYTHING I need to manage in it. I write everything down and tick it off as I go. I always make sure that I split my time for all platforms! Alicia

  11. Biren Panchal

    Excellent post, Alicia! I do have Facebook account but don’t have a page, although I know I can create one but not sure I quit Facebook quite long due to obvious reasons. But still if there’s a writing thing I would love to join you on Facebook! Also I really like the way you’ve drawn the blog traffic and the cause behind it as a Facebook that’s really commendable. Another thing is, you’re so true that we could connect directly with readers, have a chat and answer their questions as a blog post the way you did! Fantastic job, Alicia!

  12. Lynn

    Love this! I joined your group a while back and love how active you are in it and ask questions and post discussions! I don’t use FB groups too much anymore but I see that it’s great for traffic! Keep at it, Alicia! You’re an inspiration hunny! xx

    Lynn |

    1. Hi Lynn,

      thank you so much that means a lot, they can be a great source of gaining shared experiences and looking at different perceptions.


  13. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Alicia,

    Great job here. Facebook Groups can be awesome traffic builders when you build groups the right way. The steps above are definitely doing groups the right way. Being generous, engaging and persistent leads to long term traffic and profits gains through these meeting spots.


    1. Hi Ryan,

      thank you so much for reading my post. Yes I completely agree it helps so much to build that loyal community where everyone can strive and improve.


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