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Tools that you need as a blogger

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The blogging game isn’t getting any easier. The requirement of quality posts more frequently is making it harder to keep up with the day to day tasks when running a blog.

Although the to-do list never ends, there are tools out there to help.

I always believe that people should work smarter, not harder.

You don’t need to struggle until 3am after working your full-time job to keep up with the daily tasks of running a blog.

There are a number of incredible tools out there, free and paid, that you can use to make your blogging life easier.

I have listed 13 tools that you need as a blogger that will increase your productivity and decrease your time spent online.

Sounds like a dream right?

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13 tools to help your blog in 2021. It's time to work smarter, not harder. These are tools that you need as a blogger. The Bloggers Incentive.

Dreamhost (Paid)

When you begin your blogging journey, it can be difficult to decide where you will host your blog. A platform that I have used over the past three years is Dreamhost.

I used this platform originally because it offered a monthly rolling plan. As a beginner blogger, I couldn’t afford the BlueHost yearly subscription, therefore I used Dreamhost.

I have been hooked ever since.

Dreamhost offers support, affordable plans and a very easy to use control panel.

If you’re looking to keep the blogging cost down and an easy to use platform, Dreamhost is for you.

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Moz (free + Paid)

One of my favourite tools that I use for my blog on a daily basis is Moz.

Moz offers a free plan and a paid plan. The paid plan is expensive for a monthly subscription, but if you’re looking to invest in your SEO ranking and keyword research, Moz is the tool to use.

Within the Moz platform, you can perform deep keyword research that will help you with SERP, keyword difficulty and the highest-ranking pages.

With the paid plan, you can also set campaigns. This means that you can set automatic crawls each week to check your site for new errors. Moz will email you with all the new errors on your site.

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The Pocket Size SEO Guide (paid)

One of the most important tools that you need as a blogger is The Pocket Size SEO Guide, of course, I’m not biased.

As a beginner blogger or even an established blogger, it can be difficult to build your DA score and rank well on Google.

Within the few months that my blog has been live, my DA has increased from 1 to 11, along with having multiple pages ranking on page 1 of Google.

How do I do it?

Check out The Pocket Size SEO Guide for all the tricks and tips that I have used to gain quick success.

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Blogging tools that you need as a blogger as a beginner blogger. A picture of a cup of tea and an ipad.

Canva (free + paid)

Another great platform that I use on a daily basis is Canva. I currently use the Canva Pro account but the free account on Canva is just as useful.

Canva is a creative platform that allows you to create images and videos by using their endless supply of tools, fonts and animation buttons.

For the pro account, I pay £10.99 but if you would like to try Canva Pro free for 30 days, you can get the first 30 days free here.

I use Canva to create Pinterest pins, YouTube thumbnails and my E-Books as I can include hyperlinks when using Canva.

If you’re interested in learning about other tools that you need as a blogger, check out Ruthiee’s incredible blog where she talks about the 10 tools that are worth paying for.

Google Drive (free)

I like to use spreadsheets and word documents throughout my day. I can document my finances, blog post ideas and my Moz analysis. This is one of the great free tools that you need as a blogger.

Google Drive is free to use and allows you to store up to 15GB for free.

I have all my files saved within my Google Drive and I’m not close to reaching the 15GB limit.

All you need to set up a Google Drive account is to have a Gmail account.

Google docs, spreadsheets and presentation is a free alternative to the Microsoft packages.

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Yoast SEO (free)

If you’re an SEO beginner, Yoast is a great plugin to get you started. Yoast is a free WordPress plugin that ranks your SEO throughout your post.

It will monitor things like:

  • Keywords
  • Word count
  • Title
  • URL
  • Images
  • Meta Data

The plugin is extremely helpful when creating blog posts.

A tip* Not all of the ranking factors are accurate. Before you change all of your blog posts, research how to use the plugin properly.

Mailerlite (free + paid)

For all of my blogs, I use Mailerlite as my email list provider. When I originally started blogging, I was using MailChimp but found it to be expensive for the features that I wanted.

I then came across Mailerlite that offered all those features for free.

If you are looking to create categories within your email list, send out multiple emails per month and have access to automation for free, which is what I really wanted. Then Mailerlite is for you.

Mailerlite offers the first 1000 subscribers for free, therefore until you build your email list, you don’t have to pay anything.

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Grammarly (free + paid)

Grammarly is a great tool for all those quick writers out there.

Yes, I am talking about myself.

I have a really bad habit of proofreading my own work and missing a lot of mistakes, therefore I like to use a third-party app to help me with spelling and grammar.

Grammarly is a free platform that offers a paid version but the free version does exactly what I need it to.

If you are looking to check your spelling and grammar, the free version is perfect for you.

Another great feature within Grammarly is that it saves all of your documents, therefore I use this as a backup in case anything was to happen to my work.

The Full Blog Audit (paid)

In order to rank on Google, you need to have a healthy site.

It’s not always easy auditing your own site, I get it. It takes time to go through the pages to find errors.

The good news is, you don’t have to.

The Bloggers Incentive offers a full blog audit service that helps detect any problems that are holding your site back from ranking on Google.

Therefore, we do all the hard work for you to make sure you have enough time to create everything else.

Check out our blog audit services and see for yourself how much it has helped other bloggers.

A screenshot of a testimonial for the blog audit service provided by The Bloggers Incentive.

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Lightroom (free)

Lightroom is an add on from the Adobe collection. If you use it on your phone, it’s free.

I use Lightroom to edit all my blog photos and YouTube thumbnails. I use the auto light feature which automatically fixes the light in my pictures.

I can also store my presets within the app which makes it a lot easier when editing my photos.

The web version does cost, therefore I would recommend the app.


Unsplash (free)

As a blogger, stock photos are a necessity when it comes to adding graphics.

There are a number of paid platforms out there but Unsplash is free to use with an unlimited download amount.

I have been using this site for all of my blogs as they have over 2 million images throughout their site.

If you are looking for free quality stock photos, Unsplash is the best out there.

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Unum (free + paid)

Unum is an Instagram feed planner app. This app is free for one account. If you only have one account, this app is perfect.

You can link your Instagram account and the app will create a replica to your feed. You can then add photos to see what your feed will look like once you upload your photo.

This app is great for feed planning when you’re getting started as it allows you to get an overview if your pictures are clashing.

Google Analytics (free)

If you’re a blogger and you’re not using Google Analytics, you need to start now.

Google Analytics is free and easy to set up.

If you’re unsure of how to set it up, you can either YouTube the tutorials or use Fiverr.

Using this platform, you will be able to monitor your page views, sessions, traffic sources and more.

This tool is a must when it comes to blogging.


Visme is a new platform that I started using in 2021. If you were to combine Canva and Powerpoint, you would have the Visme platform.

Although I use Canva for most of my digital work, there are some things I cannot do on Canva. I was then introduced to Visme and I love the platform.

I am not always a fan of templates, but I really enjoyed using them to get used to the platform.

Visme is the best tool for infographics.

Tools that you need as a blogger

As a blogger, you are expected to manage, create and design everything. It can be an overwhelming job sometimes but of course it comes with the benefits.

Therefore, we need tools that are going to make the process that little bit more manageable.

If you are struggling with managing your blog and unaware of the above tools, start using them now.

What are tools that you need as a blogger?

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13 blogging tools that will make your life easier in 2021. 13 blogging tools that you need in 2021. Are you struggling with the upkeep of your blog? Do you need tools to keep up? Check out the 13 blog tools that you need. The Bloggers Incentive.

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