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The 7 best free stock photo websites for bloggers

As a blogger, you will become very friendly with stock photo websites as they play a huge part in blogging. Of course, you can use your own material, but sometimes you don’t have the right picture for a blog post, therefor we use stock photos.

As a beginner blogger, we get it, you want to keep the costs down. You aren’t making an income yet from your blog so you want to keep the outgoings to a minimum. The Bloggers Incentive has you covered.

There are a number of paid stock photo websites out there but we are going to list the 7 best free stock photo websites for bloggers to help you build your dream blog but keep the cost down. All stock websites that we have listed are free stock photographs with no watermark.

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The 7 best free stock photo websites for bloggers. 

Are you a beginner blogger looking to build your first blog? Why not use stock images to help and the best part is that these are free. Check it out! 
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What is a stock photo?

A stock photo is a piece of photography taken for commercial and non-commercial use. It is then uploaded to a stock photo website and you can then download and use the photo. When you click onto a blog post and you see the photo of a fluffy blanket, a hot cup of hot chocolate and it’s snowing? Almost cringe like photos? That’s a stock photo.

Bloggers have become immune to the cringe and love using a good stock photo.

Although the footage is free to use on these sites, you must follow the regulations for using the photo, for example:

  • Creating the author
  • Do not claim the photo as your own
  • Include a link to the author’s profile

Before using any stock photos, check what the requirements are first.

Let’s look at the 7 best free stock photo websites for bloggers.

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Unsplash has over two million high-resolution photos available on their site with over 200,000 contributors, you won’t go short for stock photos using this site. The best part about this site is that it’s all free. Sometimes, stock photo websites offer a free ten photos but Unsplash you can download as many as you like. This is one of the best free photography sites.

For this site, you do not have to create an account.

The licensing terms:

  • All photos can be downloaded and used for free.
  • Photos can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes.
  • No permission is needed, but you can credit the author.
  • You cannot sell the photos as your own.
  • Do not use the photos from Unsplash to create your own stock photo website.
Unsplash is a great free stock photo website as it allows people to download all images for free without creating an account.


Pixabay has over 500,000 free images to use. They also offer art illustrations, video and audio. In total, they do have over two million stock products available. Although they have a smaller range of photos, they do have a great range as they also offer graphics. Again, this site is completely free to use but has the following terms:

  • All content can be used for free for commercial and non-commercial use.
  • You are not required to give credit to the author, but it is appreciated.
  • You can make modify the content.
  • You cannot re-sell the images as your own.
  • You cannot sell the modified content as your own.
  • Do not portray the identifiable people in a bad light.
  • You cannot use pictures that include brands to mislead anyone.
Pixabay is a free stock site that offers over 500,000 free stock images with also video and audio stock footage as well.


Reshot offers a few variations of images which I think is great. With over 40,000 SVG icons, 1,500 vector icons and 25,000 stock photos. Not a lot of stock sites offer SVG icons and hand-drawn graphics which is why I think this site is a great addition to the list.

Reshot has the following terms:

  • Items can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes such as social media, education, online marketing ads and editorial products.
  • You can download and modify the images.
  • Credit is not required but is appreciated by the author of the photo.

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Reshot is a great platform for stock photos as they offer graphics and illustrations.


Burst is a free stock website that is powered by Shopify. When researching how many images they actually had, there wasn’t a clear number. The only information available is ‘thousands of images available’

Their terms and conditions were really difficult to filter through as the page was incredibly long, but I have narrowed it down to the following:

  • Content can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes.
  • The content cannot be used for unlawful purposes.
  • No discrimination can be used against the people in the images.
  • When using the content you cannot imply an endorsement from Shopify or the author.
Burst.shopify is a great stock photos. is one of the largest photo stock sites out there. Their platform has over 100 categories available which is an incredible amount. I find this platform a lot easier due to the categories because everything is so organised.

Their terms and conditions again are long and include a lot of information.

  • You can download, publish, revise, copy and alter the image.
  • You do not need the author’s permission to publish the photo.
  • Do not imply any endorsement of the creator or the person in the image.
  • You cannot sue or claim against the creator of the image. is one of the largest stock photo sites and offers over 100 categories of stock photos.

Foodies Feed

Foodies Feed is a small platform but is specific for food bloggers. They have over 1700 free images available to use, with over 400,000 images on the site. The photo quality is incredible and will make you hungry just looking at them.

The only downside to the website was that their terms and conditions had a broken link. Before using this site I would do some research to ensure you follow their guidelines.

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Foodies feed is a food stock photo website that offers over 1500 free stock photos.


Pexels has over 400,000 images for your to use and I found their website really easy to navigate. Also, their terms and conditions were simple enough to read. All photos are free to use on the platform which again is a great benefit.

  • All photos are free to use.
  • You can modify the pictures.
  • Credit to the author is not required.
  • People in the photos cannot be portrayed in a bad light.
  • You cannot re-sell the photos as your own.
  • Do not sell to other stock sites.
  • You cannot imply endorsement by the people or the brands.

The 7 best free stock photo websites for bloggers

Blogging doesn’t always have to be an expense. When you’re a beginner blogger there are a number of free options out there. I have used free stock images for most of my blogging journey and they have worked for me.

The downside of using free stock images is:

  • A lot of people have similar images.
  • When creating Pinterest pins, the photo will already have been used multiple times. Pinterest does prefer fresh content.
  • The content is limited.

What are some of your favourite stock image sites?

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The best free stock photo websites for bloggers. Are you looking to create a blog but not sure how you can do it for free? Check out this list of 7 free stock websites that are available - Pinterest pin

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  1. Stock photos are literally such a saviour! Great for so many reasons. I like to use Pexels and Unsplash, fabulous for finding the right picture for any post! I haven’t actually heard of, will have to check them out, love discovering new stock photo sites.

    1. Hi Jordanne, stock photos are so great for blogging, I use them in every post! Yes, is great and would recommend! Alicia

  2. Gemma Cantan

    My go to for stock photos are pexels, pixabay and unsplash. I will definitely check out the other suggestions. Great post.

    1. Hi Gemma, I’m glad you found the post useful! There are so many good stock sites out there, you’ll never go short for stock photos. Alicia

  3. Kelly Diane

    This is such a helpful post. I usually use unsplash but I’m running out of options with it. I’ll definitely check out the others you’ve mentioned.

    1. Hi Kelly, I’m so glad you found the post useful! All the stock sites that I’ve mentioned are easy to use and offer lots of free photos. Alicia

  4. Biren Panchal

    Really an informative post, Alicia! Stock images are truly kind a baby k bone for bloggers and they do have a vast variety involved! So far I was aware about only three of the mentioned websites, but rest four are truly new to me! Can’t wait to check them out! Also liked the way you’ve described the legalities of usage. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Really enjoyed the post!

    1. Hi Biren, thanks for checking out my post. I love using the free stock sites because I’m not at the stage of investing in a paid service and there is so much available. I’m glad you enjoyed the piece! Alicia

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