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How to get people to sign up for your email list

If you’re a new blogger sitting with 3 email subscribers, don’t worry! There are a number of ways to get people to sign up for your email list.

Yes, it’s about building trust with your readers but also creating a foolproof email sign up process.

Why bother with an email list?

As we have seen over the last ten years, social media changes a lot. Who’s to say what will be popular in five years? Social media is a great marketing tool, but something we cannot rely on as bloggers.

For example, Instagram was one of the biggest platforms for blogging and now? It’s the least liked platform because of the algorithm updates.

Platforms change.

What doesn’t change? Email marketing.

Everyone has an email as you can’t get far without one. With an email list, you own the list. Therefore, if things change, you have your email list of loyal readers.

But how do you build loyal readers?

We have created a list of the top eight things to do to get people to sign up for your email list.

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Don’t ask for too much information

Of course, you will need the standard:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email

If you need to ask a question relating to your niche, then you should include that. Otherwise that the above is all that is required. People don’t have time to spend 20 minutes filling in an email opt-in form.

You want to make the process quick and simple.

If you start asking ten or fifteen questions, the reader is going to get bored and cancel it.

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Make it easy to find

Your email list isn’t a secret. Share it with the world.

A big mistake that I made when I started blogging was creating a freebie incentive, that was killer and I only posted it to one blog post.

That’s right, only one post.

I thought that because it only related to that post, people wouldn’t be interested unless they were reading that post.

I was then confused when I had 2 email subscribers after three months.

Make your email list easy to find. Include your email opt-in on the following pages:

  • Homepage
  • Blog posts
  • Contact page
  • About me

You want to make it as accessible as possible, if people have to put in the effort to find your email opt-in, they aren’t going to bother.

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Picture of a laptop with Google chrome on it. Google is a great email provider. Check out how to get people to join your email list.

Offer something valuable

Throughout your blog, you can include the simple opt-in for a news update, but what will skyrocket your email list is a freebie incentive.

Offering your readers something valuable in return for their email list is going to boost your list because people love free things.

Freebie incentives that you can offer:

  • Printable
  • A course
  • Discount
  • Masterclass
  • Webinar

Although your freebie will take time to create, the more you offer, the more they will want to join.

A mistake that I made when I was creating a freebie incentive was being too shy with the content amount.

I created a 2 page printable. Yes, I got some interest but nothing that would skyrocket my email list.

When I created The Bloggers Incentive, I created a full 5 day email course that helped people with keyword research, writing content and proofreading. This course took me hours to create and although I am offering it for free, it brings me in emails every day.

Don’t be shy with the content that you offer.

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Include a pop up (but not too much)

Although pop up’s can come across as spam-like, so it’s important to find the right balance.

A great tip is to set the pop-up to only pop up every few days. Therefore, if your regular readers are on the blog consistently, they won’t have to close the pop up every time they go on your blog.

Pop-ups are great because your readers can sign up easily without having to search through your website for a sign-up link.

When creating your email opt-in, you need to make it as easy as possible. The easier the better!


Make sure everything works

We are an impatient generation. Who likes to wait around for pages to load or deal with errors? Therefore, you need to make sure everything works correctly.

If your account isn’t linked properly, you could lose subscribers.

For example, if you are offering a free course and they sign up and don’t receive the course, they will lose trust in your blog.

What can you do?

Always test your email opt-ins, enter your personal email and check over all the emails and links.

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Give people a sneak peek

Show your readers a sneak peek of what they are getting. Of course, not giving too much away but you are looking to increase their curiosity.

For example, if you’re offering a course, you could show the first chapter. After that, you would include the email opt-in box. If they would like full access to the course, they need to sign up.

You can also create video content that shows a sneak peek.

Give your readers a reason to enter their email.

Social proof

Personally, I don’t do this yet on my blog because my email list is below 100. Although I find this to be an effective motivation for joining an email list.

What is social proof?

Social proof is when you include how many people you have on your email list.

For example, join the 2,000 people who have already joined the list.

This then shows the reader that 2,000 people have already joined the list, therefore it must be good.

Don’t be disheartened if your email list is small.

We all have to start somewhere.

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Offer exclusive discounts on products

If you have a number of products on your site, you can include a discount incentive. For example, if your product is £10, you could offer a 10% by entering the email address.

Although you would make 10% less, you then have the email of a loyal buyer.

People who purchase your product are 30% more likely to buy again and then a further 50% more likely to purchase for a third time.

Therefore, if you have their email, you increase your chances of making another sale.


How to get people to sign up for your email list

Building an email list is an important factor of blogging and shouldn’t be overlooked. Having an email list guarantees access to your readers.

If you are struggling to grow your email list, you can check out my post for how to grow your email list as a complete beginner.

Don’t be disheartened starting out, it’s difficult to build an email list but just remember:

  • Be honest with your readers
  • Provide quality content
  • Market your email incentive

Once you do the above three things, the email subscribers will start coming in.

What are some tips that have helped you get people to sign up to your email list?

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How to increase your email list subscribers. Struggling to build your email list? Check out my 8 tips for getting people to sign up to your email list. The Bloggers Incentive.

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    There are some really useful tips to help people get better traffic to their email list. Thank you for sharing this information.

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  2. Kelly

    Great ideas. I’ve been meaning to build a mailing list for a while, as I have honestly no idea how to and I’ve been blogging years. Looking forward to putting your tips to good use when I finally go for it.

  3. AmethystAP

    Thank you for these wonderful tips. I’ve been thinking about ways to grow my own as well. Although I’ve currently stopped sending to my current list due to timing issues. But I definitely plan to start back up. Any tips?

    1. Hello! Thanks for checking out my post! Of course, I will be creating a post this week on this topic, keep your eyes peeled! Alicia

  4. Growing an email list is something I really need to get going with! I have a monthly newsletter that I send out, but the list of people on my mailing list is not very big. Thanks for sharing these ideas x

  5. Richie

    Hi Alicia,

    Some excellent tips for growing an email list – thank you. I obviously haven’t given this matter the attention that it deserves – something else to add to the ‘to do’ list!

  6. You’ve got some fab tips here Alicia! I started my mailing list in April this year and I think having a mailing list is one of the best decisions a blogger can ever make. I think the most important way to get people to subscribe to your email list is to market your incentive. So many bloggers make the mistake of creating an email list and just letting it lie there. Marketing is key whether it’s sharing on blog posts, social media platforms, etc!

  7. Fransic verso

    Great tips! Definitely need to promote it more. I did the same before when I started but not anymore. These tips will be very helpful!

  8. This was really useful — thanks for sharing (I especially like the idea of using a sneak peak as that is definitely enticing for potential subscribers)!

  9. Vourneen

    This is such helpful information Alicia! I had made it one of my goals to work on my email list in September but never actually got around to it so I’ve bookmarked your post and it’s definitely going to be October’s goal! I love the idea of sharing the social proof on your site – I can’t wait to get to that stage! Thanks as always for your great tips!

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