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Meet my September 2021 advertisers!

Welcome to my first ever meet my advertiser’s post. Near the end of August, I decided to launch advertising spots on my blog. Although my blog is fairly new, my analytics were on the rise and I decided I wanted to advertise on my blog.

A little bit about me

I joined the blogging game around 5 years ago and I have been hooked ever since. Throughout the years, I’ve had some failed blogs but without those life lessons, The Bloggers Incentive wouldn’t have had this insane growth that it’s had over the last 2 months.

I started The Bloggers Incentive because I wanted to create a platform to help other bloggers. It has taken me over 5 years to run a successful blog and I want to help other bloggers do the same, but within a quicker time scale.

If you’re interested in building your blog from the ground up, smashing SEO and getting that dollar then check out some of my posts that I think you will enjoy!

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September advertisers

Although this post is called September advertisers, I only have one to share with you all. As this was a new feature on the blog, it will take time to build up, but let’s jump into it!

Meet Katie @ The Dating Bitch

Katie has grown to be one of my favourite bloggers! Her content is based on relationships, dating and lifestyle advice. If you’re stuck in life, she’s your girl. I originally started reading Katie’s dating column and I was hooked!

Katie is the writer behind “The Dating Bitch,” a lifestyle blog focused on giving honest and relatable relationship advice. In addition to articles on dating and romance, she also regularly writes about topics such as books, style, travel, personal growth, and overall wellness.

Her blog is an all-rounder and you can find just about anything on her blog when it comes to life and becoming a better person.

Check out some of Katie’s work!

Advice to a Wife Concerned About Husband’s Creepy Online Antics.

Best Way To Epilate: 8 Tips for Getting Smooth Skin with Epilation.

10 Easy Ways to Practice Self Love (Even When You Feel Like Shit)

Meet my September advertisers

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting my September advertiser and remember to check out her work!

If you’re interested in advertising your blog on my website, you can email me at

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Meet my September advertisers! Who is on The Bloggers Incentive for September. Check out who is new on the blog in September 2021 and how you can advertise  your blog on The Bloggers Incentive.

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  1. Katie

    I can’t believe you’ve only had this site for 2 months! It’s so polished and professional.

    And thanks for such lovely words about me!

    xx Katie

  2. Ryan K Biddulph

    How cool Alicia. Good for you, securing advertisers. This is no small feat. Getting ad placement proves the trust factor of your blog skies through the roof. Well done. Keep on shining.


  3. Biren Panchal

    Katie is simply superb one, I can confirm this because I do read her blogs regularly and lemme tell you, she has the guts to raise a voice again truth fearlessly!

  4. Lynn

    Love this post and everyone’s advertising posts! I am big on supporting bloggers so I always buy ad slots for every month! Sent you an email and can’t wait to advertise with you soon! Thanks for sharing! Katie’s great x

    Lynn |

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