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How to look like a professional blogger from the beginning

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If you’re a beginner blogger looking to become a full-time blogger, then this post is for you. These 11 tips will help you transition from a hobby blogger to a full-time income blogger. Whenever I am asked, how long does it take to become a professional blogger, the answer is always the same. It depends on how much effort you put in.

There’s no real time scale for your blog skyrocketing, but one thing that is for sure, the more effort you put in – the quicker it will be.

Here are my top 11 tips for how to look like a professional blogger from the beginning.

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How to look like a professional blogger from the beginning. Are you looking to become a full-time blogger but not sure how to reach this goal? Check out these 11 tips for becoming a full-time blogger and making thousands on your blog each month. The Bloggers Incentive.

The platform you use for your blog

One of the most common things I see with beginner bloggers is using sites like Square Space and Wix. I was once one of those beginner bloggers but if you are looking to take your blog seriously and stand out from the crowd, you need a self-hosted website.

What is a self-hosted website?

A self-hosted website is where you build your site with WordPress using a self-hosting platform such as Dreamhost or Bluehost. I have been using Dreamhost for over three years now and I love everything about the platform. It’s affordable for new bloggers, offers a monthly rolling plan and is easy to navigate.

In order to have ads on your blog, plugins, themes and all the other good things that help boost your blogging career, you need a self-hosted website.

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A personalized domain

A big factor that is going to set you aside from the rest of the hobby bloggers is a fully personalized domain. Let’s look at an example.

  • Non-personalized:
  • Personalized:

By having a personalized domain, you are taking away the .blogpost or .WordPress from your URL. This shows your readers and brands that you are serious about blogging and have invested in a domain.


Choosing the right theme for your blog

Having the right theme on your blog is key for building a brand and readers attention. Although you don’t always need a paid theme, paid themes do offer a lot more customization options.

Having a theme that is on-brand with your colours, fonts and layout will boost your traffic.

Free themes that I love:

  • Astra
  • Airi
  • Flash
  • Hestia
  • Flash

These free WordPress themes offer a lot of customizing options.

Image of a desk with a laptop on top and a green plant next to it. 
Choosing a theme for your blog is important as it shows your readers your brand and what your blog is about.

Create a brand

As I mentioned above, when choosing a theme, you want it to correlate with your brand. Having a brand is one of the most important parts of blogging. Having a clear and easy to read brand will move you from a hobby blogger to a full-time blogger.

Things you can do to start the branding process:

  1. Include the same colour and fonts throughout all your pages.
  2. Design a logo and include this throughout your posts and also on your Pinterest pins.
  3. Keep your social media in line with your brand.

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Have all the legal pages

If you are serious about looking like a professional blogger from the beginning, you need to ensure that you have all the right legal pages. If you don’t have the correct information your blog could be in trouble.

You are required by law to display a privacy policy if you collect personal information on your blog. If you have comments enabled on your blog, this would count as collecting personal information because you have access to the person’s name and email and sometimes even their website.

Also, if you have an email opt-in on your blog, this also collects personal information.

Create an email list + have a professional email

Building an email list is something that is overlooked by beginner bloggers because it can be difficult compared to posting on socials to build blog traffic. In the long run, having an email list is what will build you to become a full-time blogger.

I’ve mentioned this a lot in my previous posts, but social media changes all the time. Ten years ago TikTok wasn’t invented, but now it’s one of the leading social media platforms. Platforms grow, develop and change throughout the years but one thing stays the same. Email marketing.

Creating an email list allows you access to your readers at any point and you own your email list.

Another great way to look like a professional blogger is to have a personal email. Let’s look at an example:

  • Normal email:
  • Personalized email:

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Be consistent

Consistently posting throughout your blogging career is key to becoming a professional blogger. Posting once a month is great if you’re a hobby blogger, but if you’re looking to become a full-time blogger and earning a substantial amount of money, then you need to consistently post.

A great way to be consistent is by using a blogging schedule to keep everything in order.

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becoming a full-time blogger takes work and you will need to work on your blog as a professional to build to that level.

Include quality graphics on your site

Although people are there to read your posts, graphics make it a more enjoyable experience for the reader. Adding graphics throughout the site will help break up the text and make it easier to read.

There are a number of free sites that you can use for graphics such as:

  • Unsplash
  • Pixibay
  • Reshot

You can also create your own graphics using Canva and Visme. I use both platforms for my blog as each of them offers different services.

Canva is great for creating pins and video pin content as you can add animation to the pin without having to really animate it.

Visme is Canva mixed with PowerPoint which is incredible for creating infographics and graphic design. I have only recently started using this platform but I love it already.

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Have a clear contact page

When brands and other bloggers are looking to work with you, you want to make it as easy as possible to find your contact details. No one has time to go through your entire site to find an email address.

Creating an easy to use contact page will help your chances at working with brands for sponsorship opportunities and also networking with other bloggers.

Network with other bloggers

Networking with other bloggers will create more opportunities for your blog and therefore build your blog a lot quicker.

Ways to meet new bloggers:

Reaching out to bloggers may seem scary, but it will benefit your blog.


Link your social media

When you create a new post or page on your blog, ensure there is a way that people can visit your social media and share your content on social media.

Including your social links in your header is the best and easiest way of ensuring that your social links are easy to view.

Also, make sure that all the links work.

How to look like a professional blogger from the beginning

Blogging full-time and earning thousands isn’t a pipe dream and you can do it. Don’t wait till you’re 4 months in or 3 years in to start treating your blog like a business. Become that professional blogger from the beginning as it will make your blogging journey a lot easier.

These are my top 11 tips for how to look like a professional blogger from the beginning. Remember, it’s not about pretending to be a professional but more about how to become a professional blogger.

What are some tips that have helped you transition to a full-time blogger?

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How to become and look like a professional blogger in 2021 as a beginner - the full guide that you need for becoming a professional blogger. The best 11 tips for becoming a professional blogger in 2021. The Bloggers Incentive.

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