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12 reasons why you should get into blogging in 2021

Blogging has never been so accessible as it is now. Back in 2010, blogging was popular but knowing how to blog was the difficult part. It was all about learning to do it alone. Now with all the available resources and of course, The Bloggers Incentive program, blogging has never been so attainable.

The internet is growing every day and with newer generations living on the internet, blogs are part of everyday life. Not sure how to fix your sink? Google it, and sure enough, a blog post will come up explaining with a “how-to guide” Are you looking for advice on a break-up? You guessed it, a blog post will pop up and give you advice that your auntie never could.

Magazines are going digital, newspapers are fading and the era of blogging is here.

Which begs the question, why should you get into blogging in 2021?

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Why you need to start a blog in 2021 
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Being your own boss

If you’re living the 9-5 life and thinking about how miserable you are, then 9-5 life isn’t for you. Creating a blog and platform allows you creative and financial freedom.

Of course, generating an income from something you enjoy doing is the dream, but it comes with hard work, determination and consistency. I don’t believe there is a time scale for generating an income working online. I believe that each niche is different and it is dependent on the work that you put in.

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Practice your writing skills

People get into blogging for many different reasons, but writing is always up there in the top three. If you’re thinking about how you’re not a world-class author, then that is okay. The perks of writing your blog include being able to create your own tone of writing and publish what you like.

Over time, you’ll improve. You will learn what style of writing you enjoy, the tone of writing and how you like to be perceived to your audience.

If you are looking to take your writing to the next level, there are a number of things you can do:

Inspire other people

Blogs come in all shapes and sizes. Although your blog may start off small, you never know who you are inspiring on the other end. Blogging can be used to help, educate and inspire other people to do what they want or go after that job they dreamed of.

No matter the size of platform you start off with, you’re helping someone.

Inspire others to live their dreams is a great reason why you should start blogging. Why you should get into blogging. 

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It can open the door for other opportunities

Running a blog full time may not be your end goal. Maybe you are looking to write a book or work for a writing firm, a blog can help build your portfolio and confidence in your writing.

Blogging opens a number of doors such as working with other writers and companies, travelling, new job opportunities. The list is endless and it’s what you make of it.

The first step is creating your blog and putting yourself out there.

You can meet new people

I briefly touched on this on my last point, but blogging can be very social. Although you may have some late nights writing alone, blogging is about building readers, a community of people who enjoy what you bring to the table.

Ways you can meet people are:

  • Replying to comments on your blog.
  • Facebook groups.
  • Through Twitter, using hashtags to find other bloggers.
  • Instagram posts and stories.
  • Reading other blogs and leaving comments.

Building relationships is a vital part of blogging and putting in the effort will pay off.

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Increase your time management skills

Running a platform is time-consuming. Also, most people start blogging in their free time alongside a full-time job.

Blogging is more than writing a quick five hundred word piece and putting it out there for the world to see. It takes time and consistency to build an empire.

Running a blog will allow you to improve your time management skills as you have a lot to do in a short amount of time.

Time management is a reason to start blogging as you can improve your time management skills. This will help you with everyday life. 

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Increase your knowledge on technology

If you’re not a tech person, don’t be scared. Anyone can learn how to create a website. It just takes the right help.

If you’re looking to build and create a website, check out The Bloggers Incentive program where we guide you through the process to ensure it’s smooth sailing.

Building a self-hosted website is tricky and there’s a lot to think about. Over time it will start to make more sense, you’ll pick up more advanced tips that will help push your blog to the top.

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All about that personal growth

When you build and grow a blog, you’re growing with it. Throughout the years, you’ll grow as a person. The confidence and self-love that comes from putting a blog out there that you’ve created is a whole other feeling. Blogging teaches you to be more patient, professional when you need to be, a critical thinker and to be resourceful with what you have. Not everyone starts out with a £1000 budget.

Blogging changes people for the better.

It’s enjoyable!

Believe it or not, even though there is an amount of hard work that goes into blogging, it’s fun! It’s an enjoyable experience being able to build something from the ground up and share your ideas, monetize your blog and meet new people. The perks are undeniable!

Increase your confidence

Putting yourself on the internet is never easy so to be able to put your heart and soul into a piece of writing and then share it with the world, now that takes some real confidence.

A lot of bloggers hide their blogs from friends and family but I say own it! Take ownership of your creativity because real friends will support your business, but you just have to give them the chance.

Learn how to be self-motivated

As I mentioned previously, a lot of writers start out when they are working full time. Finding the motivation to blog after a long day of work is difficult but building that self-motivation is only going to motivate you in the long run.

Tips for staying self-motivated:

  • Break down your big goals into smaller reachable goals.
  • Ensure you don’t burn yourself out, get some rest.
  • Manage your expectations.
  • Plan what you’re doing.

You’re the expert

Creating a platform where you can share your ideas and opinions allows you to the expert on your platform. If you’re passionate about make-up, for example, designing a website and creating how-to guides allows you to show your skills to your readers.


12 reasons why you should get into blogging in 2021

The blogging world is only getting bigger, so why not join the hype? If you enjoy having creative and financial freedom along with writing. Blogging is the journey you need to be on. Blogging can unlock many doors along with making bank. Who doesn’t want freedom?

Creating a platform is all about learning, creating and adapting. Social platforms change and it’s about staying up to date with them along with keeping your own platform up to date.

Why do you want to start a blog? Let me know in the comments below.

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12 reasons why you should get into blogging in 2021 - Full guide

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  1. These are fab reasons why anyone should get into blogging. I started my blog 7 months ago and I couldn’t be more thankful I did. Blogging can open new doors for you as well as help you meet and interact with different people from all over the world. Great post.

    1. Hi Ruth, thank you for reading my post. I am so glad you’ve started your blogging journey. That’s great to hear. The benefits from blogging are undeniable! Alicia

  2. Eri

    Great post! Loved all 12 reasons you mentioned.
    The reason I created my blog was to have a platform available where I could share my writing and my thoughts with the rest of the world.
    I am only doing it for a few months but so far I love it so I think my relationship with my blog will be a long term one 🙂
    Thank you for sharing all these inspiring reasons to get into blogging!

    1. Hi Eri, I’m so glad that you’ve got into blogging and sharing your writing as it’s amazing! I can’t wait to read other pieces that you write. Thanks for reading, Alicia

  3. All of these reasons are so true. I am so happy that I started blogging. I love blogging and I hope to continue blogging.

    1. Hello, I’m so happy to hear that you’re enjoying blogging! I love your posts, I really hope you’ll stick to it! Thanks for reading, Alicia

  4. Tariq

    Location independence and the ability to work/earn from just about anywhere. That’s what drives me to build my blog.

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