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How to get over blogging imposter syndrome

I had never heard of imposter syndrome until I started blogging full-time. I didn’t understand what everyone was talking about until one day, it hit me.

Am I a fraud?

Should I really be giving people advice on how to blog?

Those horrible thoughts started creeping in and I was taken aback. Why was I starting to doubt my talents now after so much success with my blog launch?

I then realised I was suffering from blogging imposter syndrome.

To be honest, I was quick in releasing what it was and was able to turn those negative thoughts into something positive pretty quickly but sometimes it’s not always as easy.

In this post, I have created eight tips on how to get over blogging imposter syndrome.

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8 ways to get over imposter syndrome when blogging. How to get over blogging imposter syndrome. The Bloggers Incentive.

What is blogging imposter syndrome?

Imposter syndrome is when you doubt your talents and abilities and feel like a fraud. It’s common when people have achievements as they often feel they don’t deserve them or don’t recognise them.

It can create self-doubt, fear and panic.

Things like:

  • What am I doing with my life?
  • I didn’t deserve to win
  • I’m a fraud

When in actual fact, you achieved what you did for a reason. It wasn’t about luck, it’s about hard work and determination.

Something that would trigger my imposter syndrome is when people would say, ‘you are so lucky you can travel and work for yourself’.

I would think, wow I am so lucky.

But is it really luck?

I was working fourteen hour days on my business in order to travel, what had luck got to do with it?

Now, I always tell people that it’s nothing to do with luck, I just worked hard on something I loved and my hard work paid off.

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Are you scared?

When you get asked that dreaded question… ‘What is it you do for a living?’

I feel my insides curl up because I know 90% of people don’t understand what I do for a living.

‘I’m a full-time blogger’

There are normally three types of reactions when it comes to this answer.

  1. The simple, ‘oh that’s nice’ meaning they have absolutely no idea what that means but they are too polite to question it. I call this my typical gran answer as she has no idea what I do.
  2. The questioner. ‘How can you make a living from a blog?’ This question used to bother me but now I take it as an opportunity to educate that working online gives me freedom and what I do is help people do the same. This can then convert them into a believer of working online or they will dismiss what I do. Regardless, I always just smile and leave it at that.
  3. The Believer. My favourite type of people. The people who are genuinely interested in what I do and think it’s an incredible job choice.

I’ve experienced all three and learned that when I received a negative response to take it with a pinch of salt. I am proud to be a blogger and you should be too.

When asked, what do you do or what do you want to do? Say it with confidence.

I am a blogger.

How to get over imposter syndrome

If you relate to anything we have said above then here are eight ways to get over imposter syndrome.

Own the statement

I am a blogger. I will become a full-time blogger.

Own the statement.

Free yourself of the worry. What if I don’t make it? You will make it? With passion, hard work and determination, how can you fail?

Tell yourself daily that you are a blogger.

You can even write it down in your journal. Affirmations are a great way for overcoming your self-doubts.

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Let go of other people’s standards

If the 9-5 life isn’t for you, then don’t do it. Why worry about what other people think, you’re the person living your life.

Don’t worry about what the norm is, worry about what you want to do and how you are going to achieve it.

Take a breather

Like it or not, you’re going to meet people from option 2 that we mentioned above. You then have a choice.

You can either let it ruin your confidence or you can take a breather and remember that although they don’t understand what you do, it doesn’t change what you do.

If you feel the self-doubt creeping in, take a ten minute breather to remember who you are and why you’re doing what you do.

Learn, learn and then learn some more

No one is perfect. It’s okay to be clueless when you’re blogging as we all start somewhere.

I remember around two years ago when I tried to blog full-time, a girl messaged me from a Facebook blogging group and told me that my website didn’t have an SSL certificate.

All I could think was, ‘what the hell is an SSL certificate and why was I trying to do this full-time when I was so clueless’

We are always learning. Don’t worry if there is something you don’t know, you can learn from it.

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A picture of a firework. This is a light and it shows that you should light up around your success in blogging. How to get over blogging imposter syndrome.

Celebrate your success

Your success is something to be celebrated. Celebrate the wins. That can be taking a day off or going for dinner with friends, you choose what works for you.

I like to celebrate my wins by taking an hour to watch something. I rarely watch anything on TV therefore, I reward myself with some TV time.

Visualize your success

Can you see it? Can you visualise your success? If not, start.

Each night before I fall asleep, I picture what it would look like blogging for a full-time income, how it feels and how I will live my life when that happens.

I create that image in my head every day to remind myself why I am working so hard.

A quote that has always stuck with me: We quit our 9-5 jobs to work 14 hours a day.

It’s true but there is no other feeling than working for yourself and having that freedom.

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Accept failure

Failure is always part of the game. If you don’t fail, how can you learn?

Failure has this negative connotation behind it when in actual fact it’s good to fail because we learn from it and it also provides motivation.

Accept your failures and let it light a fire beneath you.

Connect with the right people

If your friends don’t understand your goals, meet new people. I’m not saying you have to get rid of your friends but who says you can’t make more friends who have common goals.

One of the reasons I joined so many blogging communities is because no one around me understood what I was trying to achieve.

I have blogging communities on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and I couldn’t have done it without them. Having support from other bloggers who understand the struggles of blogging imposter syndrome made it ten times easier to understand and get over.

Find your tribe.

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How to get over blogging imposter syndrome

Blogging imposter syndrome happens but as long as you can combat it, you’ll be fine in no time.

It’s normal to doubt our successes but remember they are your successes.

Let’s recap what to do when you feel like you have blogging imposter syndrome:

  • Own the statement – you are a blogger
  • Let go of other people’s standards, only yours matters
  • Take a 10 minute breather
  • Learn as much as you can in your field
  • Celebrate your success
  • Visualize the life you want
  • Accept your losses and failures
  • Connect with your tribe in times of need

You got this.

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How to get over blogging imposter syndrome. The honest truth about overcoming your inner demons in blogging. The Bloggers Incentive.

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  1. I needed this post today. So thank you. As always, you motivate me!

    I don’t know if its because I’ve stopped recording my daily work, but I’ve felt like I’m getting nowhere the last week. Even though I am!

    These tips are great. Learning is something I want to do more of and I’ve already had some slight negativity from others, but that doesn’t bother me. I live for me & my family now, that’s it xx

    1. Hello! I am so glad you enjoyed the post! I know the feeling!! You got this and should never listen to people who are negative, proud of you! Alicia

  2. Soffy

    I often feel like this! It’s annoying to doubt and judge yourself. We put so much effort time and dedication to our blogs but often end up questioning everything related to it. These tips are so useful thank you for sharing x

  3. Caroline

    I’m so lucky that I have a really supportive family who all know how much energy I put into blogging and understand that there’s lots of behind the scenes work! I can’t say the same for my friends, but the blogging community are the best so it’s okay 🙂

  4. Kelly Diane

    This is really helpful. I’ve felt like this so many times in the past. I’m a part time blogger and hold another part time job too. When people ask what I do for a living, I always say the other job. Going forward I’m definitely going to own it and say I’m a part time blogger.

  5. Vourneen

    I definitely needed to read this Alicia! It’s so hard to not feel like an imposter sometimes.
    While I’m only a part-time blogger at the moment, I do hope to one day be able to give up my full time job and not have to work 14 hours a day, 7 days a week!
    Letting go of other people’s standards is hugely important.

    1. Hello Vourneen, thanks for checking out my post! I know what you mean, you’re going to be a full-time blogger in no time. Yes, letting go of standards is so hard! Alicia

  6. Katie

    I definitely struggle with this sometimes, even though it’s not a full-time job. But, I’d say when people tell me they blog full-time, my response is usually the second one, but not because I’m questioning them, because I genuinely want to know since I’m trying to do it too! Lol

  7. Erika

    Alicia this is just such an amazing post. I literally needed this, I’ve been questioning myself so much! Honestly, thank you for this. Finding you and other from th blogging community has definitely inspired me so much.

  8. AmethystAP

    Awesome tips
    Thanks for sharing. This is definitely something I needed to hear tonight. I do find myself doubting myself and what I have to share and whether it’s even worthwhile. Thanks for the tips.
    I am a blogger. I can do this and so can you.

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